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The common faults of vertical mill

A vertical mill roller, grinding disc. The liner wear repair
Vertical mill roller body and a wear resistant lining plate is in use process, once the clearance, will be made between the body and the liner wear intensifies, and the hot air and cement particles on the mating surface groove continuous erosion, lead generation, the impact of collision between the resulting ontology and the liner, the liner serious crack or even break. The machine damage, especially the reducer damage, cause the malignant event.
This kind of problem occurred once, general repair methods are difficult to solve, the high cost of replacement. Excellent mechanical performance fushilan materials and good plasticity, so that the problem can be solved.
Two. Vertical mill roller bearing wear repair room
Vertical roller mill bearing assembly requirements more stringent, firms generally use will be placed in dry ice bearing assembly cooling way. Between the bearing and the bearing chamber once the gap, will affect the normal operation of the bearing, causing heating of the bearing, bearing burning phenomenon when will cause serious. Fushilan technique is fast, easy to operate features, many cases can be on-site repair.
Three vertical roller mill reducer leakage control.
Vertical roller mill reducer leakage not only affect the appearance of the machine, and the waste oil for equipment maintenance, repair caused a lot of trouble. Fushilan 25551 rapidly solidified material with 3223 rubber repair materials can not stop, on-site governance of leakage, simple operation, good treatment effect.
In addition to the above, fushilan still many cement manufacturers of other equipment widely used, not only to save the repair funds for the enterprise, the most important is to save the production downtime time for the enterprise, is the enterprise reliable cooperation partner.

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