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Bře 31

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Sand Making Machine Prospect Analysis

Market environment: Gravel in most regions have been faced with natural sand decreased, shortage or exhausted. How to develop the new concrete aggregate resources — artificial sand, ensure to meet national needs in the new period of construction, is a serious problem in front of us. Especially since the reform and opening up, the construction of the national economy growing fast development as the sand and transportation, railway concrete aggregate with crushed stone industry is also very quickly, before the reform and opening up each year by 6 tons of sand has increased to 36 tons, annual output 2 tons.
Jin Yuan VSL series high performance impact type system sand machine, or conical sand making machine and PE series crusher, jaw crusher, PF series impact crusher, ZSG series linear vibrating screen or YZS series circular vibrating screen, XSD series high efficient washing sand machine matching, can handle 50 – 10000 tons machine-made sand, stone when combined into production line.
Jin Yuan series of sand making machine rotor design unique and effective precise control of the bypass to the perfect combination of feeding system, this combination can greatly improve the production capacity and product quality. But also reduces the cost of production and consumption of wearing parts, Jin Yuan series of sand making machine after the optimization design of the parts wear greatly improves the maintenance convenience and reduce the replacing operation time, automatic control and perfect combination of manual control system, to the maximum extent to reduce the workload of equipment maintenance. Fengshen rotor double throw material combined maximum extended wear protection time and rotor body damage due to excessive wear. The two overflow systems with different speed, can completely control the grain shape and size distribution of the material. Jin Yuan series of vertical shaft impact crusher is a perfect combination of precision manufacturing with good design. Auxiliary PL kernel control system, convenient operation and achieve human-computer interface, reduces the operation difficulty and operation personnel training in inches between.

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