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Sand Play Longer For You

machine wear is normal, but if you use improper machine wear on some not worth much, and only proper use of sanding machines in order to better serve you, even longer for you to create wealth. Then use a sand machine when what precautions it Quarry Crusher, give us a presentation:
1, maneuvering in a sand line, due to hit the sand machine equipment belongs to the high-speed device, you should pay special attention to safety in production. The staff should stay away from playing sand machine equipment, repairs should be carried out on the machine For

2, playing sand machine Mobil super car grease or 3 # Lithium Grease, each adding an appropriate amount of grease to work 400 hours work after shutdown 2000 hours open spindle bearing assembly for cleaning, after playing sand machines generally work 7200 hours, replaced with new bearings. The upper end of the spindle bearing assemblies for swimming end, the bottom bearing fixed end, after pulling the pulley assembly by hand should be flexible rotation.

3, should be regularly observed down to open the door to observe a sand inside the wear, the center feed tube, cone hat wear on the impeller, obscene Road liner, circular shield, wearable pieces and other parts, playing sand machine After worn parts should be replaced with new or repaired, replace wearable pieces should be replaced, while ensuring the same weight wearable pieces. Do open the door to observe the inner workings of observation in a sand machine work process, in order to avoid accidents. If you find a sand impeller wear body repair please contact us.

play sand crusher machine is a professional production of a sand machine, widely used in industrial sanding, to meet the needs of users of various broken. Welcome to buy!

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