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Seize the opportunity to achieve innovative application of pebble sand making machine

The present is the use of pebble sand making machine for sand production of opportunity of pebbles, pebbles in the building materials field value both in depth and in breadth has been greatly developed, pebbles has been applied to different extent in the basic building materials, decoration, food, and medical Home Furnishing chemical field. High quality concrete aggregate, marble slab, cobblestone barbecue and Hot pot, pebble massage and so on all walks of life for the pebble demand is rising, the price is rising all the way. The cobblestone according to the different needs, especially the need to use the broken equipment in aggregate, sheet and Home Furnishing decoration, also continue to emerge in recent years for mechanical pebbles broken, but for crushing effect are not ideal pebbles. With the pebble resources exploitation quantity is less and less, people become more and more urgent needs for pebbles. How to use the limited resources to better serve the current pebble pebble resources from all walks of life demand, Shanghai Shan Kai according to physical characteristics of pebbles and summarizes the domestic and foreign advanced technology for pebbles broken, and pebble sand making machine of the utility model by using the traditional sand making machinery research and development. Model sand pebbles system mechanical main performance advantage lies not in the possession of crushing capacity of how strong, but has utilization rate higher than the market similar equipment sand pebble resources, in the crushing process, after crushing cavity improvement and upgrading of the greatly increased the effective crushing, reducing the vibration shape, flake and dust particles content, improve the quality of pebbles gravel aggregate. Another point worth our attention is the sand pebbles system, energy saving and environmental protection production process more, regardless of energy consumption and environmental protection for the excessive pursuit of equipment performance, Shanghai Shan Kai in equipment R & D and production are in accordance with the high environmental standards for mining machinery and equipment state, and aiming at the production field of different regional, targeted adjustment, in order to ensure compliance with local for the sand pebbles system production environmental requirements. Pebble sand making machine realizes the cobblestone better use of the resources, but also provides opportunities for more industry, especially the sand production line and board industry, but for the implementation of innovative application of sand pebbles system equipment more still it requires a lot of effort, Shanghai Shan Kai as the backbone of the sand blasting equipment manufacturers, machinery and equipment will continue to offer more and better market.

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