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Several major factors in 2014 where the mill development

No matter how now milling machine industry development situation, could not decide within the next few years said vertical roller mill industry, so the future mill development is very important and needs a little mill industry is particularly important, because the mill no matter now or the future development of a few years is to mill machine enterprises can have a better development and future, the following summarizes several points in the future development direction of milling machine and the matters needing attention.
Vertical roller mill machine industry of our country belongs to started late rapid development stage, crushing low hardness material belongs to the treatment in the 90 years ago. Then, after years of development, the change of mill is various, and what is the future changes? Shanghai Keli Rick machine limited company is a professional production and sales of milling machine manufacturers, in the future were also carried out some conclusion, is divided into several areas: environmental protection machinery, large-scale, cater to the market demand, technological innovation.
First of all, the environmental protection aspect: our country has been advocating environment-friendly society, so is the industry, such as last year to ban with a batch of cement industry, greatly reducing the environmental pollution in china. As everyone knows, the mining machinery industry is the high energy consumption, high pollution industries, to develop good, must go green.
Secondly, machinery large: This is the inevitable trend of the future development of machinery industry, is not only the future, the present is such a development, the 80’s small vertical roller mill to large 6R milling machine, and now the superfine grinding machine, mobile crushing equipment etc.. To meet the needs of the market: we do mining machinery equipment, nothing but is in order to be able to occupy more market, can be sold to more customers, if the production equipment No one shows any interest in, then we have to cater to the needs of the market, how to dominate the market?
Finally, technology updates: to survive in an enterprise, the upgrading of products is very important, time is changing, immutable and frozen only to perish, for example, Nokia, Kodak; once brilliant, now reduced to being trafficked, go bankrupt.

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