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cone crusher lubricants

We all know that oil is a crusher equipment in the main part, is the key to whether the good functioning of the device, then you would have thought the lubricant cone crusher to even imply it a secret! Please follow us to gain insight into the cone crusher lubricants secret.

through multiple investigations and experienced engineers expressions, from cone crusher lubricants odor, color and feel of the lubricating oil can distinguish good and bad, so we can be easily used as criteria to distinguish whether it should change the oil up Crusher Machine.
from the smell of view, when the cone crusher lubricants fetid then the lubricant has been oxidized, it should be replaced with new oil; lubricants odor if unchanged, milky white, then too much water needs to be replaced with new oil;
From the color point of view, when the cone crusher lubricants color was dark, or dark brown, in general, will be accompanied by the stench, indicating the need to replace the lubricant;
from the touch point of view, a small amount of lubricating oil when the finger twist, there are particles Or there is the sunlight glittering then the oil into the impurities, the need to clean shutdown. From the above lubricants
smell, color and touch, we can easily understand the cone crusher lubricants secret, we can use this as a basis for timely maintenance of the crusher, cone crusher to play to improve work efficiency and service life purposes.

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