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Bře 09

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Crushing Machine Can make a Contribution to Slag Processing

Ore Milling Equipment provides new hope to the slag processing and tends to make an awesome contribution to this subject.

The slag generally consists of calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium as well as a tiny volume of aluminum, manganese, phosphorus and also other oxides. In some parts, the slag also incorporates minimal titanium and vanadium due to the ore containing those people ingredients. Slags are significantly different owing to your many components in steel-making furnace, metal furnace metal smelting and each various phase from the smelting procedure. The application on the crusher has introduced new hope on the slag processing.

The strategy to working with the slag takes advantage of the slag and also the primary slag as uncooked resources. The processing technologies consists of cold abandoned method; hot pour approach, splashing chilly plate process, water quenching strategy. Usually, it makes use of a closed loop generation process that is respectively composed from the process of crushing and screening, vacuum ball milling, classification and wind dry magnetic separation to obtain four high-quality and higher value-added products, which namely means that the steel scrap that has a iron articles bigger than 90 percent of high-quality can be employed for high-grade iron powder iron which can be utilized for a cement and concrete admixture of superior action for high-grade steel slag powder as well as road floor of asphalt concrete surface area layer of steel slag combination. Once the overall manufacturing process done, it can obtain zero emissions slag with no air pollution.

As with the slag processing, Henan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. specialised in creating all those sorts of kit, like the jaw crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, CS cone crusher, LM vertical mill. The slag is often correctly managed by means of well-designed generation line. The crushing and screening lines use the process of learn, chain, monitoring, which realized a fully automatic generation and the production is more scientific and rational, simpler to use, it’s greatly enhanced the efficiency. The output line on the metal slag crushing and delivery technique has mounted dust removing product and took a totally enclosed procedure, which effectively cut down the dust emissions. Your complete creation approach consists by two jaw crusher, a good split CS series cone crusher, five iron removing approach, 5 screening and various system, which kinds the deep processing of steel slag granulation means of a ‚three-breaking five chosen 5 screening‘. The procedure has the features of superior magnetic selection means, very good restoration of ferrite along with the ferrite content material in tailings has lessened by 17% or less, which drastically improves the active ingredients of metal creation.

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