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Čec 03

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portable crusher plant effectively solve problem

In city demolition, transformation process, how to deal with construction waste has become the most pressing problems in the process of construction and development. The construction waste recycling resources processing, has become the main developing trend of building waste material, portable crusher plant birth contributes to the construction waste recycling industry development, is to realize the reduction of domestic construction waste harmless, resource processing, convenient channel.

The station will be able to effectively processing building material resources waste crusher crawler, achieve reuse purposes. mobile crusher technology and quality of crushing station have more advanced, each device is composed of 25 basic modules, each module has the option of rich, according to the special requirements of customers, for customers tailor-made.portable crusher plant can be used for rock, ore, block the road asphalt concrete, the dismantling of the construction of cement concrete material crushing recycling.

The device also can be used for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, such as hydropower often need material processing moving work, especially for highway, railway, liquidity stone hydropower project and other operations, can according to of processing, material size with different configuration form, simple and convenient.

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