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Trakdot is a support for iOS and Andrews system of intelligent watch products@mimo.su

Toq smart watch is a smart company’s smart watch. Toq smart watch without any one button, through the touch bar at the bottom of the screen to operate. Toq smart watch with Mirasol display technology, low power consumption, while supporting WiPower LE wireless charging technology, Toq smart watch will have 3 to 5 days of battery life.
Toq smart watch profile
Toq smart watch screen size of 1.55 inches, a resolution Replica Cartier Love Ring of 288 × 192, using ARMCortex-M3 architecture processor, operating system support Android4.0.3 and above, through the Bluetooth Android phone pairing work, such as display information, through the built-in wireless stereo Headset call.
In addition, Toq also uses a number of high-pass features, such as Qualcomm independent research and development of low-power reflective technology Mirasol (can improve the visibility of the screen in the sun) and WiPowerLE wireless charging technology. For life, the official claim that Toq can be used for 3 days.
With Toq smart watches, consumers can manage the phone on the wrist phone, SMS, conference reminders and a variety of other information. Developers can also send program information to smart watches via the AllJoyn ™ architecture of the Qualcomm imitation Cartier love bracelet Innovation Center through the Qualcomm Toq application that supports the AllJoyn notification service framework. QUALCOMM will continue to add more features to Toq through software upgrades, including integration with Qualcomm Life’s 2net platform and just released 2net Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring mobile software. Toq provides opportunities for participants in the 2net ecosystem to help them provide consumers with a new and compelling approach to health management.
Trakdot U1 smart watch
Trakdot is a support for iOS and Andrews system of intelligent watch products, this product uses e-paper electronic screen, a significant increase in battery life and no lock screen, you can display the perfect time to watch the function, the product through Bluetooth Matching use, you can remote display, operation part of the phone function.
Trakdot U1 smart watch with a very low power consumption of the e-paper screen, monochrome display, mainly to complete the SMS, caller ID, weather, remote control camera, multimedia operation and motion detection and other functions, the biggest advantage is the product support Chinese Display, and the use of a 50-meter waterproof body design, the official nominal life of 12 days, far more than the general LCD screen smart watch.
Trakdot U1 smart watch and pebble design concept is very similar, and support dual intelligent system docking use, while the product supports the Chinese display, which is very consistent with local users, and the price is not more than 900 yuan, is worth buying Of a smart watch products.
Technology Business Watch, Oband T2 Smart Watch!
Maybe a few years ago talking about smart watches, we will feel that this is a new thing. But now, more and more smart watch products continue to debut. Freshness is worse than before. But the heart in the smart watch to rely on what to attract consumers? Of course, is the function! And today we want to bring you Oband T2 smart watch evaluation, before to see it!
Technology Business Watch, Oband T2 Smart Watch!
Oband T2 smart very Cheap Amulette de Cartier Ring simple packaging. The product is mainly stored in transparent plastic. And in a layer of plastic outside the skin wrapped in silicone, and touched very cordial, leaving a good first impression. Positive display of the product directly, the back is related to some product information. easy to understand.
Ready to use:
First let us sort out what the bracelet can do those things:
1 motor function: including the record, sleep records, dietary records, sedentary Replica Cartier jewelry reminders, etc., the body will store a few days of exercise, but the normal use of the words, and certainly every day and the phone once, to develop a regular backup Habit of Kazakhstan ~
2 business functions: caller ID, message prompts, QQ tips (Andrews version is currently not prompt WeChat), theoretically, as long as your address book with the number of contacts, then the contact name will be displayed, otherwise the show Is the number.
3 interactive features: sharing sports information, such as watching the game.
Can be seen although the main business, but the movement Knockoff Trinity de Cartier Ring function is still relatively comprehensive, as to how to achieve, we say later.
Before using this bracelet, we need to download a software called HIFIT test ring and mobile phone to match.
After downloading, click the data synchronization can make the bracelet connected with the phone, and the user’s movement data into the phone to store. It should be noted that if you want to be practical SMS reminder and WeChat reminders, you need to have the APP in the background of the mobile phone opener, and if the bracelet and mobile phone disconnected, the bracelet is not automatically and mobile phone again connected. This vendor needs to work hard to fix it. OK, so bracelet can start to use.
Compared to pure Fake Cartier Ring sports watch, this T2 is characterized by taking into account the business functions. You can push the phone, the message and so on. But when the call, the bracelet will be strong to shake you three times, and will not have been shocked, so that both can play a reminder, and will not be very waste of electricity. We can see through the figure, when your phone does not store this number, it will show the specific number, and when your phone stored the contact, then it will display the name of the contact.
Short message is also to remind the user, and very user-friendly, the content will also be prompted www.ourlovestore.com on the brace, it is very convenient. But sometimes there will be fans of the BUG, Knockoff Cartier Nail Ring such as the short message on the map, and the above telephone contact is actually a cell phone, but in the short message here will not show the name of the contact, and in the telephone notification will be able to display. More strange.
In the Andrews phone, QQ message can also be reminded and display the content (but the screen will not scroll and show the number of words is limited, so basically only show a name). Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to display micro-news, hope that follow-up version can be supported.
Bracelet on the basic Cheap Cartier Trinity Ring functions we see here, as a bracelet, the function is quite complete, taking into account the needs of both sports and business, to meet the needs of the vast majority of people. If you want me to improve the views of the existing hardware, based on the hope is to increase the phone hang up and WeChat prompt function.

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