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Of the heyday, and created a blue-based style, so “cloisonne” has become the reputation of this crafts@mimo.su

Of the heyday, and created a blue-based style, so “cloisonne” has become the reputation of this crafts.
Cloisonne skills to the Qing Dynasty Qianlong unprecedented prosperity. At home and abroad enjoy a high reputation, in 1904 the United States Chicago World Expo, 1915 Panama World Expo won the first prize.
Cloisonne is a thin copper wire pinch into a Replica Cartier Lover Bracelet pattern, welded on the copper tires, and then fill the color on the glaze, made by firing. This craft crystal dazzling, resplendent, with vigorous holding, rich and elegant artistic features. Variety of bottles, bowls, plates, utensils, wine, lamps, sugar cans, boxes, trophies, birds, beasts and a variety of decorations such as more than 60 categories.
Porcelain, also known as “copper painting enamel”, and cloisonne with the metal craft in the sister art.
Metal process
Thai blue difference is that without filigree, but in the copper after the tire, in the carcass deposited on a layer of white glaze, sintered with glaze for painting, after two, three times filling, modified and then sintered, gold Made of light.
The porcelain craft is later than the cloak produced. The earliest porcelain products for the Qing Emperor Kangxi products “color lottery cover bowl” and “color yellow Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet peeling peony pot” and so on. Qianlong years is the heyday of ceramic production. In the pattern on the focus on the rich national style of decoration; in the light production, pay attention to the absorption of Chinese painting techniques; painted commonly used magenta, pink background, depending on if the cream, bright and delicate.
Beijing porcelain craft is divided into two categories, one is the carcass chisel gold accessories porcelain, is a senior handicrafts; one is no chrome gold porcelain, is a popular product. Beijing, a wide variety of porcelain, bottles, plates, bowls, cans, dishes, light, wine, tobacco, and furnace, tripod, Jue, smoked, hanging bottles, bottles and other decorations. Beijing porcelain in the Qing Dynasty for the palace tribute. Filament mosaic
Filament mosaic, also known as “fine gold process”. It is gold, silver and other materials, inlaid with a variety of precious stones, Jane
Fine arts, no joints and other characteristics.
Second, the mechanism of enamel, it is mainly small pieces, such as flowers and birds and portraits, pins and rings, bracelets, open letter knife and all kinds of knives, nail clippers, tape, hand mirror, powder, toothpick tube, With easy to carry the little things, by domestic and foreign tourists love. Has formed a compact style, exquisite design, bright color, magnificent style.
Third, aluminum handicrafts, such as photo frame, calendar, temperature table, calendar rotating dual-use mirror, key chain, pendant and so on. Design ingenious design, modeling concise, bright colors, sales are very good.
How to do jewelry marketing? On the one hand asked you to purchase, to be a series of introduction
How to do jewelry marketing?
On the one hand asked you to purchase, to be a series of introduction, do not one, two of the test, this is not out of the Austrian crystal is how to sell it, because the first large number of Keqiao shop introduction, A mirror, with the amount of the concept; why Zhejiang Lanxi store high-end goods go fast, because Lanxi is the richest place in Cheap Trinity de Cartier Bracelet Zhejiang Province? No, because the high-end goods into a series, with the concept of quantity;
On the other hand to find the same jewelry and similar places, focus on the display! The Also produce the concept of “quantity”! The
For example: hairpin diamonds put together, hairpin white diamond put together, much better than white diamond diamonds mixed together to sell; hairpin more than one hundred dollars together, fifty yuan or less put together , Rather than mixed together to sell; corsage geometric shape together, the insect shape together, far better than mixed with the sale; scarf plain together, the scarf flower put together, far more than Mixed together to sell; the same or similar things put together, it will produce “quantity” concept;
Sometimes we are busy, do not pay attention to these, resulting in goods “quantity” sense of desalination, and thus sales decline;
remember forever:
The first product to produce a “quantity” sense, and then there will be a lot of sales; “goods to sell the mountain” is the eternal truth
3. Commodity marketing
Commodity is the core Knockoff Amulette de Cartier Bracelet competitiveness, any marketing from the goods will be castles in the air;
Some goods to do the image, and some goods to do sales; some goods do popular, and some goods do money;
Customers into the store feel the goods after the show, and then attention will be transferred to a commodity, good goods itself is talking;
Some people say that the product itself is the best advertising, as an ornament, this is more obvious;
Continuously provide customers with good goods is the eternal theme of jewelry shop;
Jewelry industry is a very easy to imitate the industry, jewelry industry is also a difficult to guarantee the quality of the industry;
Jewelry style can be imitated, but the quality of jewelry is difficult to imitate;
As a high-end jewelry, imitation has a great risk, you can imitate replica cartier bracelet the style of high-end jewelry, but you can not imitate the quality of high-end jewelry; either plating not, or accessories not; do high-end jewelry, must do brand name; Diamond hairpin, can not let the second-rate third-rate manufacturers as your supplier, not to second-rate third-rate brand of goods, selling first-class brand prices, injured customers, the last victim of your own.
“Jingmei. New decoration” high-end jewelry is the main supplier of new light and Jingjing, Xinguang is the largest jewelry factory, Jingjing Taiwan Province in the mainland is the best jewelry factory;
High-end jewelry in the store as a marketing role, so that sales and promotion become redundant
I am in Beijing Hualian (Guangxi) as the Ministry of home appliances procurement manager, took over home appliances, almost all of the procurement friends advised me not to do home appliances, will ruin the reputation; I was more like to accept the challenge, the more difficult things to do, The more I want to do;
I found that home appliances did not do the reason is that home appliances in the high-end home appliances rarely, black power is no rear projection, plasma, no SONY, Panasonic, white in the Siemens only made three, but also not obvious position; Business is poor! The High-end home fake cartier nail bracelet appliances in the role of marketing as a home appliance, there is no high-end home appliances, who buy home appliances first think of here?

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