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Pro 14

Ore milling equipment brings huge benefits to economic development

As the main equipment of the mining machinery industry, its development plays a great role in the economic growth of our country. ore milling equipment not only is conducive to the development of mining science, but has great importance to the construction of high-speed railway and highway, and all these projects will drive fast economic …

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Pro 11

High temperature of bearing at work

New-type sand making machine is widely applied in the preceding process of ore milling equipment. It can produce large amounts of iron ore fines and reduce the load of the high-capital ore milling equipment. In the mechanical equipment, the role of the machine is to make ore particles size smaller and finally into powder by …

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Pro 06

Analysis about growing trend of ore milling equipment

Ore milling equipment has the following advantages: high enrichment ratio, high recovery, low operating costs, especially it is suited to deal with micro-fine and easy automatic control. After decades of research and development, ore milling equipment has been widely accepted at home and abroad; it is used to separate various kinds of ore and coal; …

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Pro 06

The development tendency of mining machinery in the future

There are some problems about the environmental protection brought by the rapid development of our national economy, which certainly brings along the great pressure for our national industries, and the mining machinery is not an exception, so to continuously improve the technological level of the crushing equipment and to develop towards to the energy saving, …

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Pro 05

Advantages of ore milling equipment compared with home and foreign similar products

The ore milling equipment is suitable for crushing medium harness materials like limestone, furnace slag, coke, coal and so on in such industries as ore milling equipment, chemistry, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials and other industrial sectors, which is featured with high efficiency, long lifespan, full seal, low noise, even discharging granularity and …

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Pro 02

For this particular site, we used handheld acoustic monitoring meters

The bearing was replaced within one week during a shutdown period, so there were no disruptions to production. If we hadn’t spotted the bearing problem and it had failed during operation, the plant would have lost at least two weeks‘ production, while the bearing was replaced and the required manpower and lifting gear were mobilised …

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Pro 01

Methods to improve the yield of ore milling equipment

As an grinding mill equipment, ball grinding mill have a widely application, and it is also an inseparable equipment in many industries. ore milling equipment according to different classifications also have different categories, and can be divided into dry and wet grinding methods. Besides, according to different ways of discharge, it can be divided into …

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Lis 30

Hard rock ore milling equipment

The common breakdowns and solutions of ore milling equipment. A, if crusher abnormally vibrates, it indicates that: 1, the material is too large, and then you can check the feeding size. 2, wear is uneven, which indicates the counterattack hammer needs to be replaced. 3, rotor is imbalanced, which indicates the rotor need to be …

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Lis 29

The superiority of ore milling equipment

In the cement industry, the dust collector is the important equipment in the dry closed circuit grinding system. In the grinding process, the ore milling equipment is used to separate the fine powder and the coarse powder will be sent back to the milling equipment to be grinded, in order to avoid the over-grinding phenomenon, …

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Lis 14

The test requirements of ore milling equipment

The test without load should meet the following requirements: (A)The operator should start and stop the ore milling equipment according to the procedure and the respective interlock system shall comply with the technical requirements; (B)When the movable cone rotates in the forward or reverse direction, the revolutions should not exceed 15 per minute. (C)There should …

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