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Earrings are the most interactive jewelry with people

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„Cubism“ was often used to describe bvlgari jewelry replica as are within the scope of their philosophy was jewelry design point of view, expressed in geometric lines and implication. At that time people want to eliminate it during the Art Nouveau style and smooth lines, it is only in the design of refining the basic geometry to remove red tape unnecessary decoration, so as to obtain more clean, rigid lines of Art Deco jewelry. Throughout the history of the development of the jewelry, the style is modernist and mechanization to the development of the most prominent one. Code is glamorous 1920s.

„The Great Gatsby“ was written in 1925, it tells the story of the 1920s American society. This year is also known as the Jazz Age, the author F. Scott Fitzgerald called „Jazz Age“ and „Poet Laureate.“ Which shares the Art Deco jewelry design cyclone Guajin to 1930. With the end of the 1929 stock market crash, under the „Great Depression“ background, many Americans fled to the cinema by Hollywood glitz glamor escapism. As he said, „If a woman can not afford a new replica Bulgari B.ZERO1 Ring, you can at least see the perfect picture of a movie star.“

All wear jewelry, and my favorite is the collection of earrings. I never had to count, in the end how many pairs I own so far, long, short, small ears and the like, of various shapes, different types of styles are, as I would with clothes, or the prevailing mood not wearing the same earrings. My friends understand why you are so fond of them?

The heat of summer, crafting gorgeous earrings filled with our line of sight, like flowers bucket Yan Yan dispute. See so nice earrings will always wait to buy it, but what kind of hair style is suitable for wearing large replica VCA alhambra pendant? In fact very simple wild hair can not become common yet, as long as with the right earrings, bright color, modified face , with the summer can easily get in two minutes, finishing touch absolutely can not be overlooked!

In fact, I do not quite understand, simply because it is all the trappings, the contact with his face nearest distance. Like it’s crystal clear, like its sense of falling, like that turned around the same time, it also with the swing. It seems I am happy, it will be particularly shiny; and in my sad at the same time, it would be particularly still, feel their emotions and they are in the same. So, for me, each pair of van cleef alhambra earrings replica has a different mood.

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