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Ruby and sapphire jewelry buying guides, area vocational and cultural background influence

Fashionable red sapphire become a necessity, Cartier Jewelry Replicas Whether or Festival red carpet, and the brightest stars have to select jewelry match. In the purchase of red sapphire, we must pay attention to their quality, because quality is the key factor affecting its value. How to buy ruby and sapphire jewelry that it?

Used as jewelry ruby, sapphire, mostly in the form of inlay K gold or platinum ring appears, fake Cartier Jewelry Followed by earrings, pectoral, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, a wide range, everything. When consumers buy, is to buy or platinum inlay K gold inlay? Traditional style or fashions? Depending on their personal preferences, temperament and different cultural backgrounds may be.
Different regions, different selection of jewelry
The so-called cultural context refers to: regional, national customs, occupation, culture, age, gender and other country and Southeast Asia,general favorite delicate, delicate lines or high-K gold jewelry inlaid. imitation Cartier Jewelry Such jewelry lower hardness, shape and more traditional types can be for decoration, but also to achieve the purpose of preservation. Europeans and Americans generally like bright, extensive line of low-K gold jewelry, jewelry of such high hardness, shape and diverse, most suitable for decorative use, regardless of its preservation.
In the style of choice, since the Eastern cultures, women are kind, beautiful and virtuous symbol, it is the main choice for gemstone women have sleek appearance styles, such as round, oval, heart-shaped, pear, Marquise etc., can also choose the small size of the rectangle, diamond and other styles to show extraordinary tolerance modern women just soft in the possession of male power is like disease, so the style should be selected has a linear shape, such as square, rectangular, hexagonal Wait. discount Cartier Jewelry Also choose larger size Marquise, diamond, round, etc., to rough, angular man to show the strong, brave and fearless spiritual. Young optional five-pointed star-shaped, triangular, kite-shaped pattern and other models to show the vigorous vitality. copy Cartier Jewelry Replicas Classical models of the elderly to wear rubies and sapphires are more calm 1 shows the steady, experienced characteristics.
Because of different occupations, culture is different, there will be differences regarding the purchase ruby, sapphire jewelry types and styles. For teachers, doctors and similar official professional women, usually less social, optional inlaid ruby or sapphire ring, necklace with pendant, earrings and so on. Usually only wear a ring or a necklace, at social occasions, earrings or other jewelry can be coupled. Business and corporate “office ladies”, more social activities are some of the text to the identity of people, in order to express respect for others, you can buy small, more expensive, clean lines inlaid red, sapphire jewelry, such as earrings ten necklace + ring set of ornaments, earrings + necklace, and even earrings + ring may be, the number should not be too much. avoid jewelry, so as not to undermine his “capable, smart” image. As performers, optional items are exaggerated, trendy, colorful decorative jewelry, such as synthetic ruby, sapphire K gold jewelry inlaid low, low prices, tricks, highly decorative effect. Such jewelry is also suitable for young people.

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