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The most suitable fake Van Cleef & Arpels Clover ring Jewelry

TOP9: Selected Brand: Cartier LOVE series
Selected reason: unexciting, let your wedding no color
Cartier love series launched a long time, although has been recognized by most people, but it can not be a compliment, is not suitable for us as a wedding ring. The manufactured from pure platinum Cartier ring, ring design is very simple, there is no bright spots, when the bride for the wedding of the protagonist, the protagonist of body decoration, how can not color? Prosaic ring is not suitable for use as our wedding we have to polish his eyes, do not be carried away by Cartier love series, oh! can be considered under our fake Van Cleef & Arpels Clover ring, quality and price are the best.
TOP8: Selected Brand: Piaget Possession series
Selected reason: with cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Clover ring design impractical, flat style
The Piaget Possession wedding ring series, intended bicyclic ideas, the inner ring can be rotated to any worry, tempting surround each other, and sketched out endless eternal rhythm. But I have thought about, who’s bored to turn his ring, but also to cherish life wedding ring is it? There are a lot of effort on the design, but not the reality. The mood is good, but choose to wear them at the wedding, it is open to question.
TOP7: Selected Brand: Tiffany setting series
Selected reasons: Ring with diamond imbalance difficult outstanding
Tiffany setting This is a series of wedding ring, diamond intended bride becomes the focus of the audience, but this wedding really can make people focus on the wedding ring it? Incongruous proportions on the diamond has been buried in the inside of the ring, ring whether it is flowers or greenery? Although gold how can shine, but this is difficult diamonds light up ah.
TOP6: Selected Brand: Cartier tank francaise series
Selected reason: with Van Cleef & Arpels Clover ring replica easy compared to the design is too grandiose stunts
I think it is difficult to understand Cartier tank francaise This is a series of wedding why so designed, first, such a huge flamboyant wedding ring female models, who will choose? Selected also difficult to manage, we wedding wedding ring is indispensable small jewelry, but to pay attention Oh, it just makes us even more dazzling bride just amazing Oh, the wedding ring is grab the limelight, I believe no one will think there is such a result of it.
Selected Brand: Van Cleef & Arpels Infini flag series
Selected reasons: the brand is good but the price is too expensive, so buy Van Cleef & Arpels Clover ring knockoffs, as one of the leading brand in the jewelry industry, and indeed almost everyone wants to have a Van Cleef & Arpels ring, but we were wedding bride is needed is a more beautiful stunning wedding ring, instead of an engraved the words of Van Cleef & Arpels ring, what we need is a special beauty, but it does not mean we should Van Cleef & Arpels words kept exposed in front of friends and family. Our products are silver, the quality is the best.
TOP5: Selected Brand: Boucheron eternelle grace series
Selected reasons: the colors slightly tacky
Diamonds are numerous, although expensive material, but coupled with silver becomes tacky red copper, red copper color with a small ring similar difficult reveals its extravagance, wearing a wedding ring like not wearing the same, that would rather not have chosen to do a wedding ring.
TOP4: selected brands: Bulgari B.zero series
Selected reason: with Van Cleef & Arpels Clover ring imitation compared, design errors can not escape rustic
Bulgari B.zero of this wedding ring, so I think the first is – car tires, colors and shapes are far too pretentious, inadvertently put on a rustic. Originally intended to use a diamond wedding ring points, lost in the vulgar, not serious design, it really is difficult to select the wedding ring.
TOP3: selected brands: Royal Wood Flowers of hope in this series
Selected reasons: the Van Cleef & Arpels Clover ring copy contrast different styles has a significant overall selection difficulties
Pearl as the protagonist, can not be avoided is the old-fashioned, but they are ring fashion modeling as the basis, look at the parts separately, are beautiful, but as a whole to appreciate, it will produce a variety of uncomfortable feeling. Designer himself did not determine the overall style well, do so out of a wedding ring, the younger generation will not choose, choose a little older it will look awkward.
TOP2: Selected Brand: Tiffany ElsaPeretti®Sevillaa series
Selected reasons: modeling infant was difficult to lobby
It will not be Children’s Day gift? Believe go Cute bride would not choose such a childish ring as a wedding ring it, a little hard to find the whole wedding ring wedding atmosphere, colors and even a little nausea, may wedding not every family ah. You can choose not ripe for a wedding, but you certainly can not choose childish style ah.
TOP1: Selected Brand: Cartier LOVE series
Selected reason: Design perfunctory
We see this wedding ring, twisting the screw would have thought it? Modeling failed too, so hasty rough design can make people angry is not it? Big brand, not so Kengren ah, do not just put in a platinum Videos Videos, and then impose the meaning of point up, it can be selected for the wedding? we really have to be careful ah.

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