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Zář 08

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Cartier Love ring knockoffs are a lot of stars selected marriage wedding ring brand

Cartier ring is a lot of stars selected marriage wedding ring brand, today finishing fake cartier love 10 series of classic diamond ring, you want to choose new people Cartier be sure not to miss.

1, style: solitaire1895

solitaire1895 solitaire1895 series since 1895 has been regarded as cartier jewelry imitation The classic elegance of this unique series; fine, light mosaic approach, another diamond more brilliance emanation.

2, style: Ballerine

ballerine solitaire, the name is reminiscent of the world of dance. Harmony, balance. cartier love copy jewelry Unique diamond inlay technique provides an elegant and soft background.

3, style: Declaration

declaration elegant 4-prong setting highlights the beauty of the diamond itself. cartier love knockoffs jewelry Claw foot slender, simple lines with a classic yet stylish look.

4, style: Honeymoon

honeymoon from the point of view, this full round diamonds, the shape of the full moon. From the side, it is like a crescent moon. While full of promise for the ring, Cartier chose to seal the mosaic.

5 styles: solitaire

The solitaire ring paved with crushed earn, surrounded by the middle of the diamond, like a nimble dance.

6, Style: solitaire C de cartier

solitaire C de cartier this a most unique mosaic technique that: discount cartier love jewelry Side view of the past, just like their female Cartier „C“ word logos, photos showing superb unique jewelry craft.

7, style: solitaire love

solitaire love of many celebrity couples choose. The solitaire is like a wonderful talisman. The ultimate symbol of modern love.

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