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I was slowly understanding of jewelry

I was not interested in replica van cleef & arpels jewelry before, I am a pragmatic person, a measure of the value of a thing it is how come it looks real handy. I prefer practical things that grain of rice than a beautiful pearl.

I belong to the realist, when I pass through the wall I never worn gold and silver, like Aunt, that it is impractical. Later I came to understand, clothing, housing, nothing to do with these jewels nature. Jewelry charm, is to meet the needs of human aesthetic.

Later saw the book in the Bible story about the jewelry inside, which has a painting, painted a throne in heaven. He sat a throne above God. Because it is difficult to draw sketches of the face of God, the author with luxury fake van cleef & arpels jewelry instead.

At that time, these jewels is the best jewels, they are linked to the most holy God. Perhaps the only real cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry of God. That I was immediately touched by the divine. Tibetan jewelry from behind the story is very interesting.

There is a joke: a man staring at a lady’s chest, there hung a beautiful airplane shaped jewelry. Ms. Q: Are you this aircraft very interested in my little airplane, right? But man replied: I am more interested in the airport. Also, I’m interested in jewelry, but fake van cleef & arpels bracelet that I mean the emotional and aesthetic culture is more interested in the final.

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