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The sense of architecture makes Swarovski Jewelry very fashionable


Although the crystal Ausrtian Crystal jewelry who love, but there are so some designers, not satisfied with the existing materials and style, not „engage in special“ do not give up! Designer Deedie Potter Rose is one of them, she likes to build a sense of building and volume of jewelry, and even direct use of building materials, produced a very decorative jewelry.


Each piece of our Swarovski Crystal Jewelry, Wholesale Cubic Zirconia Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry is 100% hand set by skilled craftsman. Hand polished and assembled, thenchecked and tested manually at every stage of manufacture, everything is done to guarantee maximum quality in a high precision.

Designer Deedie Potter Rose has this idea is purely by chance, in a read „Metropolitan“ magazine, she saw some Swarovski Element installation art works. „What is this? What is this type of art?“ She was attracted at the time and was inspired. So Rose contacted Eva Eisler, the creator of these works. She was an architect, and she gave Rose a lot of guidance and inspiration in a gallery in Washington.



At the beginning Rose was just making some of the cheap Swarovski Jewelry that could be worn, and then slowly she was more concerned about her own ideas, what prompted her to engage in art, and she became more and more aware of the value of Cheap Swarovski necklaces Jewelry and Art. After this series of growth, her works are more mature.




Now Rose’s cheap Swarovski Jewelry works on her wall, her works that are Cheap Swarovski Rings Jewelry decorative features, but also have the space to decorate. She uses these materials, or even the building commonly used materials, such as soil, wood or glass, but also like embedded in the plastic texture of the „diamond“ to create these „wearable art.“ If you do not see such a work, we probably can not imagine that a pair of mud made of necklaces can also be a good jewelry. Because these materials are not as expensive as precious stones or precious gold, they have the decorative nature of the material itself, but it better reflects the design and the value of art.





Now, Rose’s Cheap Swarovski Jewelry design has been more people know and recognize, and fashion circles have resonated, people through her works, the concept of value and luxury have a new understanding. As Rose says, her Cheap Swarovski Jewelry lets people think about things that they never thought before in an unprecedented way.

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