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Wholesale Austrian Jewelry rarely in the marriage profit

These two days I was awkward and old Qin, because Friday night he drunk drunk back, on the grounds that he went to base friends. But Swarovski Crystal Jewelry did not tell me to come back late, just to go to the old friend sitting. That day I was very sleepy, eleven no sleep, wake up at three o’clock to find the old Qin did not come back, and my phone quiet, no one call. I thought, if it is so late I do not go home, will not tell him in advance? He not only did not tell me that if I call him maybe you will feel trouble (that is certain). But do not come back at three in the morning, really do not have to talk with family?


He came into the room Swarovski Crystal Jewelry smell the pungent wine, I think the wine can drink, but drunk enough room full of alcohol and even spit to affect others to the wrong. Big winter, I can not open the window ventilation, that moment, my heart really Pentium ten thousand mud horse ah!


You sickly spit, I help you clean up, because I am your wife, I love you. But you can not because of the amount of self-discipline drunk spit a place, I help you clean up, I was not too cheap point?


About drinking this thing, I and his communication numerous times, but also quarrel numerous times. But he will still get drunk to go home, I am very very desperate. Whenever this time, I understand wholesale Swarovski Crystal Jewelry‚s idea: when a person’s happiness index is higher than two people, why should get married?



There are three things in the world can not persuade, one is married, the second is Health baby, the third is to persuade people to drink. This three kind of children, sounds bustling, strange festive. But after the festive celebration, to persuade the people to walk away, and some have to be persuaded by the people.


Swarovski on sale Crystal Jewelry had told me that day, she said that special worry about their own can not cope with the complex relationship between marriage, very worried that they can not deal with the relationship between husband and wife. A single person for a long time, do not want to care about these miscellaneous things, feeling not enough fresh.


She said she had a sister, every year for the New Year to quarrel, wholesale Swarovski Crystal Jewelry think, married but also for such a thing to quarrel, not as good knot, how good each back.


Some time ago Gan North students out of a song, called „Wholesale rings Austrian Jewelry do not want to get married, Swarovski necklaces element Jewelry also looking for a nanny,“ I think a lot of Wholesale Austrian Jewelry’s voice, but also cut the social malpractice The


That is, Wholesale Austrian Jewelry rarely in the marriage profit but was asked to pay more, but also, I am a comfortable person, why marry your home to suffer? Your dad your mother if I take the girl pain also line, but why not, but also always want me to understand something, more dry work, I figure Han?


In the past, someone asked me, looking for cheap Swarovski element Jewelry to find what kind of? Love you, or do you love?


I was very easy to be ditch to go, began to seriously entangled love and love the problem.


Now someone asked me, I would say to find a house will do housework and like to do housework Swarovski element Jewelry ah.


Why? Because Swarovski element Jewelry is such a request ah.


You have been to Valentine ‚s Day, I just want a person!101

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