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Crystal is the Stone of Love

Crystal is known as the stone of love. For many years it has been asserted that a marriage will have more sparkle if Austrian Crystal is kept under the pillow. The most romantic day of the year is almost here, so why mess around with chocolates, dinner dates and flowers, what you really should get your partner is beautiful, passion-provoking Crystal.

As well as looking beautiful and stunning, Crystal is famed for attracting and maintaining love. It is these associations with unconditional love and distinct aesthetic appeal that makes Crystal a popular stone to be embedded in various types of Austrian Crystal jewellery.

When Valentine’s Day is approaching a sea of red and pink hues fill the card stores and gift shops. Red and pink have long been used to represent love and passion. Giving your loved one a red rose is the ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion. Pink roses are another popular Valentine’s Day gift, the delicateness of the tone, denoting grace, gentleness and gratitude.

 Multicolor Austrian Crystal Bracelet

– Multicolor Austrian Crystal Bracelet

Much of the beauty of Cheap Crystal necklace is owed to its pink tones, which are due to the presence of several minerals. These tones range from extremely pale pink to deep, rich pink, which borders on the colour red. Crystal’s distinct colour is one of the reasons this popular stone is known as a potent heart healer and therefore a popular Valentine’s gift.

Having the potential to last for a life-time and being glamorous, thoughtful and romantic in equal doses, Crystal jewellery is a popular gift for lovers to give to one another of Valentine’s Day. Incorporating the romantic traits of Crystal jewellery with the love associations of Crystal means this type of Wholesale Crystal jewellery could possibly be one of the most apt presents to shower your partner with on Valentine’s Day.

 Austrian Crystal Necklace,Lucky Clover Aquamarine

– Austrian Crystal Necklace,Lucky Clover Aquamarine

Sweet and glamorous , a Wholesale Swarovski Crystal bracelet would go a long way in showing your partner your love and affection for her, as well as igniting emotion on the most passionate of nights.

Of course not everyone wears Wholesale Crystal jewellery and if your partner is not a fan of Crystal jewellery you can still exploit the unique romantic properties of the ‘stone of love’. Give your loved a Crystal specimen presented in an appealing gift box. As stated earlier, placing a piece of stone quartz under the pillow is said to bring sparkle into a relationship.

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