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Potassium sulfate processing

Potassium sulfate is the manufacture of various potassium salts such as potassium carbonate, potassium persulfate and other basic raw materials, in the glass industry with potassium sulfate as Qingqing agent, the dye industry with its intermediates, spices industrial applications as additives. The pharmaceutical industry is also used as laxatives.

The use of potassium sulfate is so wide, and potassium sulfate in agriculture is commonly used potash fertilizer, potassium content of about 50%, industrial also used in glass, dyes, spices, medicine and so on.

Potassium sulfate application is the premise must be processed through the Ore Milling Equipment into fine powder, and for the processing of fine powder of potassium sulfate powder machine there are many, but the field is different, the machine is also different processing potassium sulfate. For example, in medicine and spices, it is absolutely impossible to appear iron, it can not be used Raymond Mill, and in the potash raw materials and glass raw materials for industrial use, you can use Raymond to process.

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