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Říj 23

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Application fields of basalt

With the development of science and technology, promote the development of industry of highway and railway, chemical industry, building materials, construction etc., also accelerated the rapid growth of China’s aggregate field, and toward specialization, refinement of the trend of development.

Basalt is aggregate more common in nature, because its structure is relatively hard, wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and other excellent characteristics, so by the highway, railway, construction and other fields of all ages, in the field of industry is very promising. Normally, basalt must be processed by sand making before it can be applied to the corresponding industrial field. For the processing plant, it is the focus of attention for them to choose suitable sand making machine equipment.

VSI Portable Crusher Plant is a kind of sand making equipment with high yield, low energy consumption, using the principle of rock stone, through the gravel material collide to achieve the aim of breaking, refined grain type is excellent, low wear rate, wear resistance, more durable, longer service life, with the quality of the unique advantages of shine in basalt in the field of processing.

VSI sand making machine is in the internal and external conditions of the sand industry to develop into a sand shaping device, compared with the ordinary basalt crusher, the device is not easily affected by the environment and material property restrictions, adaptability is more flexible, easier operation, high degree of automation, for processing factory save more than 20% of the cost of investment.

In recent years, the basalt processing industry competitiveness continues to increase, the basalt processing factory to gain a foothold in the market, we need to provide more high-quality aggregate to the market, making sand machine, create greater benefits for many domestic basalt processing plants, has been favored and welcome processing factory.

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