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Counterattack crusher

The damage form of cement concrete pavement are common: plate crack and broken plate edge corner plate breakage, vertical dislocation and arch plate surface wear and pits etc.. The cement pavement maintenance process commonly used are: expansion joints, joint cleaning, pouring, drilling, cutting, mixing, paving, vibrating, napping, drilling, lifting, crushing and renovation. The commonly used maintenance machines for cement pavement are Construction Waste Crusher , rock drill, high pressure water washer, seam cutter, seal coat machine, cement mixer, vibrator, etc.. Because of the limited space, this paper only introduces 3 kinds of modern technology of cement concrete pavement broken equipment.

The impact compactor is made of special shaped roller, and the fracture is stable. It is a method to treat the cement concrete pavement before building the overlay. It is a mature technology and perfect technology in foreign countries, especially in the United states. The compaction wheel impact compaction machine has 3 sides, 4 sides, 5 sides and 6 sided shape, round body and solid fillable empty body. At present, China’s use of more than 3 wheels and 5 wheels.

The compaction energy of impact compactor comes from two aspects: one is the weight of the impact wheel; two is the impact function produced by the impact wheel rolling. At the same time as the multilateral rolling wheel energy storage quick release, but also increased the impact of cement plate. The huge impact per second from 1.5 to 2.2 times the rate of low impact cement plate, the strong shock wave to the cement plate under the subbase and subgrade spread, thereby break the compacted solid plate, not only to maintain the strength of plate break, but also to make it become the massive material interlocking base structure, compact block the pressure in the original pavement subbase, base forming high strength, so as to reduce or alleviate the original road sections and reducing layer facet reflection cracks, horizontal and vertical stress.

According to the actual construction effect of impact compaction machine: press again, a few cracks in the cement plate edge; with the pressing times increasing, the longitudinal cracks increase, transverse cracks began to appear; stamping 5 times after the cement plate has been broken, cracks and distributed in the reticular plate, part of the plate is completely broken, the size of 30 ~ 40cm 15 ~ 20 times after stamping; cement plate size is 20 ~ 30cm, and the fragment is in excellent solid state interlocking, fully meet the design requirements of the construction process.

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