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The concrete research content of crushing equipment is introduced

In the modern Construction Waste Crusher t industry production process, how to choose the crushing equipment is not mentioned here, mainly introduces crushing equipment crushing situation and specific research content. Strictly speaking, the single particle static crushing and impact crushing technology can not be realized in the absolute sense. The crushing and grinding equipment we produce is mostly based on the single particle crushing and laminating crushing. For example, the main mode of jaw crusher and cone crusher, except near the feeding mouth are in form of a single particle crushing effect, but in other areas, most of them are in the form of the work of interparticle breakage. For the ball mill and the high pressure roller mill used in production, the work is done completely by the crushing principle of lamination crushing.

Therefore, the current industry only single particle crushing research can not meet the needs of the work, can not specifically reflect the working mechanism of the majority of crushing equipment. Therefore, we need to carefully study the crushing method of crushing equipment, laying a rich theoretical foundation for exploring and developing the crushing performance of crushing equipment.

In recent decades, laminated crushing has become a major research topic in the research field of crushing equipment working mechanism. It is very important and far-reaching significance to carry out in-depth research on lamination crushing to carry out the New Beneficiation Technology of „more crushing and less grinding“. According to the difference of strain rate, the bulk material can be divided into two forms: static / quasi static lamination crushing and dynamic impact lamination crushing.

1. Research on hydrostatic lamination crushing. In the production of commonly used crushing and grinding equipment, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher and high pressure roller mill belongs to the category of isostatic pressing or quasi static lamination broken. At present, workers are of great significance for the research and development of new and high efficient crushing and grinding equipment. In recent decades, scholars at home and abroad crushing equipment do a lot of research work, and obtained a lot of achievements in this field, and has been successfully applied to the improved design of the existing grinding equipment and new equipment developed in the actual production process, for example, we use the high pressure roller mill, provided favorable conditions for improving the working performance of the equipment. Hydrostatic pressure / quasi experimental study on the working principle of laminated crushing includes laminating crushing energy and material layer stress strain constitutive relationship, broken laminated function and selection function model, the numerical simulation process of crushing.

2. Research on dynamic impact lamination crushing. Crushing equipment in the application process, including impact crusher, ball mill are to impact the laminated crushing principle, so the impact of laminated crushing work has become an important research direction of crushing equipment field, the content of the research work mainly includes crushing energy consumption, material stress strain constitutive the relationship between and selection function and breakage function model, impact model, and the interparticle breakage rate between laminated crushing process numerical simulation.

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