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A Brief Analysis of the Double Cavity Crusher Trend

Back within the early 1960s, there was a relevant report with regards to the machine related on the double cavity Construction Waste Crusher , which was called the Rotex crusher through the Germans and hardly ever reported then. Personally, it descended into deadlock resulting from the complications undressed in regards to the construction and specs. While in the early 1980s, the rotary dryer developed by researchers underneath the leadership of professor Zhang in Central South University. At that time, it had been defined as jaw crusher, which was primarily utilised for medium or modest mines because the functionality specs have been defined based on those of your jaw crusher. Later on, as a consequence of a series of troubles unsolved, it was redirected to fine crushing. This was the source in the double cavity jaw crusher. It was then popularized from the South.

Meanwhile, the crushing products experts from the North carried out in-depth researches on crushing tools and by means of generations of growth, the fifth generation double cavity laminated crusher was born. In addition to, the patent engineering was registered. The fifth generation crusher was named Kx series double cavity laminated crusher.

The fifth Kx double cavity laminated crusher completely embodies the laminated crushing function(material layer crushing and particles crushing). At present, the maximum specification will be the Φ1200 model, whose production capacity equals to that with the Φ1200 model cone crusher. Consequently, the tools can only be applied for medium and fine crushing. Whether it can develop further into larger cone crusher could be the prime target in the future growth.

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