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Úno 06

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Cheap Runescape Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, RS3 Gold | RSGoldFast.com

With the Christmas holiday getting even closer, we are felling festival in game this week as Jagex tell us all about this year’s Christmas events. Advent calendars, a two-part Christmas quest, and more you can jump in this holiday season. Time to buy chap rs 3 gold to help achieve success in the RuneScape gold quests. Now, we will share part 2 Christmas quest with you.The part 2 Christmas quests coming out on Dec. 19thEarlier this week, Jagex released part one of Frostworlds and the Christmas event which is going down really well so far.


Now you are able to look forward to releasing the part two later this week. Santa’s opened his Christmas wardrobes all around the world again that you can enter. And in this Christmas neighborhood, he is allowing you to enter all the Christmas events from years past.For part one Jagex has released the 2007, 2010 and 2011 event. The part two which is coming out on the 19th of December. There is one more year’s event that’s going to appear.


That might give a bit more of a hint to who the main antagonist was in part one.You can go back to all of the old Christmas eventsAfter finishing part one, you will get all the previous Christmas emotes as well as a brand new Christmas emotes. Meanwhile, after you have completed the part one, you can go back to all of the old events that you have gone through with quest. And there will be extra skilling locations as well as kinds of activities for you to do.


For the 2007 one we will go back, and there is prebuilt snowmen in the south of the area which are kind of an AFK skilling activity that the players can take part in. For the 2010 event, there will be a seal sliding minigame which players can complete for points and obviously more points, more XP. For the 2011 event, Kris and Kringle will need help catching their puddings again. Then hand them into Kringle at the end for a big chunk of XP.You’ll receive a mystery pet in part 2 Christmas questsFor part 2 Christmas event, you will receive a mystery pet which won’t be revealed yet and Jagex will unlock a new teleport override.


It’s similar to the Snowdrobe emote but it’s got a bit of twist on it.Additionally, there are no requirements for the Christmas quests. Everyone can jump in no matter you are member or f2p player and whatever your level is, you can jump in. Come to RSgoldFast and open Xmas Gift Packs to get cheap runescape gold to earn an advantage in the fierce battle.


Cheap Runescape Gold, Buy OSRS Gold, RS3 Gold | RSGoldFast.com

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