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best cartier love bracelet knock off cheap cartier wedding bands@mimo.su

This article will introduce the size of jewelry showcase and decoration renderings.
So how do we identify these cohabitation of jewelry appraisal certificate yet.
For newcomers to join jewelry stores, but often less experienced.
In the scientific standpoint, it is not always true and therefore necessary for its rectification.
How to care for jewelry Detailed 9 ways to maintain jewelry In fact, the maintenance and cleaning of replica Van Cleef jewelry, there are many details that must be noted, for example: Do not touch the jewelry often.
Spread a statement in the jewelry circle: Toothbrush with a toothbrush to brush fake Cartier jewelry, jewelry can be used looks bright as new.
Pearl is absolutely avoided. The most appropriate wash solution should be a diluted neutral surfactant (eg salads, baby shampoo).
Human body from time to time in the skin surface excretion of sweat and oil, the hand is the most easy to touch the body parts, so the skin of the oil often contaminated the surface of the hand, touch the stones, hand oil is easy to stay in the gem
However, Jadeite jade belongs to the aggregate structure, often touch it can make jade more moist and lovely.
3, to remove the gold jewelry when swimming to avoid encountering sea water or water,
5, wearing Replica Cartier Earrings often due to stains and dust infection and tarnish, this time, as long as the gold jewelry placed in a neutral detergent soaked with warm water and clean, then remove the wipe dry.
7, cheap earrings free shipping gold ring and platinum ring with one hand, easily lead to friction between the two, so that the local appearance of the gold ring rub platinum white.
About such a white gold jewelry, you can use agate knife planing light, but also can be used coarse cloth (such as canvas) hard friction, you can make the gold back to light.
8, if the appearance of a black silver film, available salt 2 grams, 7 grams of baking soda, bleach 8 grams,
60 ml of water, formulated as
Another bath, doing housework, swimming, etc., but also easy to make the collision of stones and injuries.
11, the regular wear of gold jewelry, should be cleaned and inspected once a month.
In addition, although the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect, but not as easy to use it often, if used too often, easy to make small drill can not afford to repeatedly shock and loose or fall.
Note acids and alkalis Some of the substances that come into contact with our daily life or food contain acids or alkalis of varying concentrations which can damage gems, especially pearl.
15, pure gold jewelry Do not with other jewelry or other metal jewelry (including K gold jewelry) together and wear, replica cartier bracelets cheap to avoid percussion wear pure gold jewelry appearance.

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