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SBM Has Brilliant Idea to Reduce Abrasion of Construction Waste Crusher

Abrasion of equipment is an important problem we have to face, to find proper methods reduces abrasion of equipment is a goal both customers and manufacturers strive for achieving. Here, SBM Machinery will share its brilliant ideas reducing abrasion of construction waste crusher. construction waste crusher is a new type of highly efficiently crushing equipment, which has such features of small volume, simple structure, big reduction ratio, little energy consumption, large production capacity, even product granularity and selective crushing, which is a very promising device. Just as the saying goes, ‚No one is perfect‘. construction waste crusher also has its own shortcomings. Its biggest disadvantage is easy abrasion of plate hammer and impact plate. When crushing hard stones, the abrasion of plate hammer and impact plate is especially serious, which needs to replace frequently.
At present some wear-resistant materials have appeared and been successfully applied to metal concentrator. After having researched and tested repeatedly, SBM Machinery decides to use High chromium alloy cast iron materials to casting construction waste crusher, which makes the abrasion problem be well solved. The high chromium alloy has the feature of high alloy content, good liquidity, big shrinkage, and poor heat conductivity and so on. Currently, various mining equipment manufacturers have made substantial progress in material selection and manufacturing technology, which provides powerful guarantee for market competitiveness of construction waste crusher. SBM Machinery is a leading manufacturer of construction waste crusher, which concentrates its efforts on wear-resistant material of construction waste crusher and achieves good results, and which effectively solves abrasion problem of crushing equipment in production lines, thus prolonging service life of construction waste crusher.

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