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Application of vertical roller mill

Pigment is a relatively common material. The production of this material requires the processing of vertical roller mill. The vertical roller mill itself has many advantages. However, this equipment requires the cooperation of other equipment in the production of pigments. Is to introduce the application of vertical roller mill pigment production.
Pigments are used in many aspects of life, such as paint industries, powdered pigments are generally based on the presence of pigments are generally produced ore powder is added together, in general, different industries demand different pigments , But many industries require smaller particle size pigments because of their ability to make the color bright and long-lasting, it is imperative that ultrafine milling equipment be used to produce smaller particle size pigments.

vertical roller mill in the pigment production process is mainly through the crushing stage of the ore for ultrafine powder processing, in the process of crushed ore into the crushing chamber of the vertical roller mill, crushed and crushed , if the particle size of the crushed ore to meet the requirements will be taken away, then the air flow inside the apparatus and is collected into finished products, will not meet the requirements ore again compacted to a desired extent, the process has ultra fine grinding equipment for minerals The role of a cycle of production, this role can ensure that the production of pigment particle size to meet the needs and uniform particles;

In the paint production line, the production of vertical roller mill requires the cooperation of crushing equipment to provide smaller ore for its production and use, and then also needs the support of conveying equipment and feeding equipment etc. Shanghai BM provides a complete set of vertical roller mill pigment production line equipment, our equipment has sales in many countries, and was unanimously approved, we also provide professional technical guidance and comprehensive after-sales service, better equipment to help in the production of ultra-fine powder pigment of work.

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