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Since its inception in 1847, Cartier has been around for nearly 170 years@mimo.su

Since its inception in 1847, Cartier has been around for nearly 170 years. In 1899, Cartier came to 13 Rue De La Paix and established the Cartier Fine Jewelry replica Cartier jewelry Workshop on the third floor to the fifth floor, thanks to the accurate judgment of the social tide and the persistent exploration of the top art. With the pace of Cartier to the world, the workshop has flourished in London and New York, and by virtue of an open cultural perspective in different historical stages to create a unique style of handed down treasures.
Artisans are the core of the jewelry workshop, their unique passion fake Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry for jewelry creation works unique to the vitality. In the Cartier jewelry workshop, jewelers, mosaic division, polisher, casting division and other types of craftsmen together, such a large scale can only be achieved in Cartier. Craftsmen who have practiced for more than 20 years, many craftsmen family generations are in this building dedicated life, witnessed the Cartier in the field of advanced jewelry continue to forge ahead of the journey ahead. They are not only the same strain of the jewelry craft, it is full of creative passion of ingenuity.
Cartier in the early 20th century to buy a few boxes from China’s top Tsui Yu, today’s files have been incorporated into the feathers are still bright as ever, replica Hermes jewelry according to expert reviews, their color and taste of the four seas are rare. Thus, the point of Tsui this ancient Chinese art for Cartier works bring exotic. Point is the combination of metal craft and feather craft, jewelers first with gold or gold-filled metal made of different patterns of the base, and then Kingfisher back beautiful blue feathers carefully embedded in the base to make a variety of Jewelry objects. Now in the Cartier collection of the clock can still see its charm, colorful Tsui Yu in the clock with the Western decorative art geometric figures side by side, Chinese and Western culture in the blend and collision in the wonderful creative beauty.
Stars and stars gathered in the 70th Cannes Film Festival Cartier light shine
Since the opening of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, celebrities from all over the world have come to the event. Cartier jewelry for the radiant stars are more sparkling Huacai.
Cartier brand ambassador supermodel Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid) stunning debut finals unit film “Yuka” (Okja) premiere. Neck and wrist surrounded by the Cartier logo Serpenti high jewelry series snake diamond necklace and bracelet, charming charm.
Cartier brand online promotion Ambassador Jasmine replica Van Cleef jewelry Sanders wearing Cartier Serpenti high jewelry series bracelet and senior jewelry series earrings debut charity fashion show, dazzling. While the street shoot is with the new Cartier Serpenti Forever series of wave point snake leather clamshell shoulder bag and Serpenti series of glasses. Enjoy the “golden Barbie” reputation of her, each appeared to be envy others.
Cartier brand friend Lottie Moss (Lottie Moss) in the Cannes Film Festival during the show a number of modeling. Wear Cartier’s new high-level jewelry fake Cartier jewelry series debut red carpet and charity fashion show. Whether it is with soft swaying flower necklace and ring, or full of color full of fine jewelry, all show her atmosphere dignified temperament.
American Hollywood actor Lily Collins wears Cartier Premium Jewelry Platinum Diamond Necklace, Serpenti Platinum Diamond Ring and New Serpenti Viper Ring Elegant “Okja” premiere.

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