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Bangles are trending this season, and deservingly so. This type of bracelet is differentiated by its stiff and circular nature, sliding on and off the wrist. Bangles are so versatile and come in styles to suit every fashion trend — it’s no wonder they are on top in 2017. Here are our top 5 favorite bangle trends of the year.
1. Small Stacks
The layered look is all the Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Earrings rage this season, but its developing into something new — small stacks. Instead of the heavy look of thick bracelets and watches, try stacking thin bangles for a lighter look better suited for the summer.
2. Summertime Blues
Blue is a refreshing shade for the summer and combined with the bangle trend, it’s the perfect way to break up warm summer tones. We especially like the retro feel of the plexiglass look, like the bangle cuff featured at the Spring/Summer 2017 Emporio Armani runway show.
3. Textures
To achieve the Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Earrings best layered look you have to balance. This involves size and colors, but it also involves textures. To add quirk and balance out a flat look, try adding a textured and colorful bangle to your stack.
4. The Logo Look
There aren’t many logos as iconic as the Chanel interlocking C’s — and the designers at Chanel know it. Thankfully, they like to have fun with the logo in jewelry. Add some color or a minimal statement to your outfit with a logo bracelet from your favorite designer.
5. Rainbow Effect
Summertime is all about the colors. There’s not a better way to add fresh and fun colors to your wardrobe than adding on a colorful gemstone bangle. Ippolita’s Rock Candy collection add the perfect amount of color while remaining light for the summer months.
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