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the principle of ultrafine mill work

When ultrafine mill is used in work, it adopts circulating wind to separate materials, and set the size of wind according to the demand for finished products, so that the finished product can meet the production demand. Of course, the wind will also affect the production capacity during the production process. Therefore, if customers recently proposed to add hot air to ultra-fine mills and see if this can increase production capacity, is this argument reasonable

In the principle of ultrafine mill work, a detailed introduction to the role of wind in the interior is to separate the materials after grinding. If the fineness meets the requirements of production, it will be collected as a finished product, otherwise it will continue grinding, in the process The setting of wind size is very important. In fact, it not only affects the quality of the finished product, but also affects the production capacity. More recently, the customer proposed to add hot air to the inside of the mill. The purpose is to increase production capacity. Then this Is it reasonable in the end

After our factory’s research found that this statement is unreasonable, because the hot air has influence on some aspects of the material properties, and with the change of wind temperature, the impact on the ultrafine mill production is not obvious. Therefore, the hot air does not help the improvement of production capacity.

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