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Replica Cartier Jewelry Call Lover Night@leix.su

created in the beginning is famous for silver tableware, launched a silver 925 ornaments and more famous, and launched a series of diamonds, which six claws crown shape to become a classic diamond works, the fifties will Paris famous jewelery designer Jean Schlumberger to New York, let him Real 18k Gold Replica Van Cleef Arpels Perlee Necklace show their skills, for their own design of high-level jewelry, 1974, former model, the artist Peretti began to design for the Tiffany jewelry, she from Bones, coffee beans and other natural items in the inspiration, the design of a price is not high but the outstanding necklace, and to the rich design of precious stones for the old concept of challenge. As Elsa himself said: I design a shape, must find its essence – this is the charm of his work. She designed the hollow chicken heart shaped collar for up to 20 years.
Paloma Picasso has become a designer of Cartier, she is still pursuing a non-mysterious design purposes, the creation of jewelry modeling is very simple: random cross, seemingly casual waveform curve is a symbol of French design. It is always love and the United States, romance and dream as the theme and reputation for nearly two centuries. It is full of functional beauty and soft, slender sensibility, to meet all the world’s women’s fantasy and desire. jewelry craftsmen carefully designed for, with unparalleled exquisite workmanship, close to the fashion trend!
Cartier Diamond Ring Claw Set Style And Meaning
fake cartier diamond rings six Solid 18k Gold Fake Van Cleef Perlee Bracelet claw mosaic “this life loyal to love”. With your hand, into the marriage hall, we promise whether the poor and rich, never stubbornly persists. Since then, you hold in the palm of the hand, you are my noble princess, I will be loyal to our love, this life unswervingly.
four claw set on behalf of life love, emulate, according to the 26 letters in the fourth letter “D”, equivalent to the English “Digest” means to know. Love, we are not saints, there is always ups and downs of emotions when the other is “convex” when you “concave” down, patience about her, soothe her.
jaws in accordance with the 26 letter of the fifth letter “E”, equivalent to the English “Everlasting” means forever. How long is the eternal, intentions to create, to trust, that is forever, dare to love people, his love can be forever!
Cartier diamond ring three claw set on behalf of “I Love You”, while the three-point structure of the triangle shape is persistent, meaning mutual envy, love Fu Fu into a long, long; in accordance with the 26 letters in the third letter “C “, Equivalent to the English” Care “, meaning to care, the degree of care happens to show the other side of the care of the other side, three jaws inlaid diamond ring also revealed a dense and fiery protection!
Van Cleef & Arpels Rose Gold Necklace Imitation
Rose gold from the romantic name, it can cause people countless wonderful association, in the sparkling gold jewelry and classic elegant platinum jewelry, the soft tone of the charming rose gold jewelry has become fashionable “new favorite” Rose gold is a gold and copper 18K alloy, the use of high-tech special coloring process, that is, “rose gold”, also known as pink gold, red gold. Because this metal was in the early 19th century popular in Russia, which also known as the Russian gold, rose gold jewelry because of its gorgeous color and elegant, popular in Cheap Van Cleef Ring today’s international jewelry industry trend fashion.
Van Cleef pink gold necklace replica how much money a gram? is usually we commonly known as rose K gold necklace, is 75% gold and 25% copper and some other metal mixture of a special metal, this metal material itself is cheaper, the metal is only about 200 Each gram, usually with the process of about 200-300 or so per gram, the process is more complex, the general women’s Van pink gold necklace replica, the market price is generally around 1000-3000 yuan.
Van Cleef & Arpels rose gold necklace advantage which? Rose gold necklace color is very soft, charming, put the Buddha is a blooming rose like charming eye. is a warm tone of the rose gold necklace, used to symbolize love better, but also highlights a feeling of tenderness, although the rose gold is a synthetic metal, but its production process Not inferior to gold, platinum.
Van Cleef & Arpels rose gold necklace imitation how to clean? Rose gold necklace due to stains and dust contaminated and lost luster, can be diluted in the mild soapy soft water soft brush and soft cloth test dry. If the inconvenience of the door can be carried out in their own homes: with a soft toothbrush in the water gently scrub, the action must be light, because 18k although the hardness is high, but the more hard the more brittle objects, the intensity of big break, like diamonds, Although it is the hardest thing in the world, it is very brittle.
Cartier Ring Price Is How Much Cartier Ring How Big
The has the incomparable bright luster, represents the extremely deep love implication, is the marriage indispensable love token, each pair will enter the marriage palace the lover, will buy a diamond ring, is used to witness the important time happiness and the sweetness. When it comes to diamonds, most girls are most concerned about their weight, and for every girl, the bigger The diamond is, the more attractive they are. However, not all diamonds are available to ordinary consumers, such as 12 carat diamonds, which are very expensive and affordable for ordinary consumers, Here’s a little compilation of the price of the Cartier ring. Cartier rings The Cartier ring is very rare, but also rare, it is because it is too expensive and rare, so many people also only in television or magazines to see its demeanor. When it comes to 12-carat diamonds,Cheap Van Cleef Perlee Earrings many people who have never seen the real thing imagine how big it is and what it looks like visually. In fact, the weight of 2.4 grams, measured from the diameter, it is about 15 millimeters, from the visual point of view is basically the size of a broad bean similar.
The 3C rating of the Cartier ring determines that the price of 12 carat diamond is very expensive, but if it is more specific, it depends on its 3C rating. In the 3C grade, respectively, the net degree, color and cut, which cut the price of the to a great effect, cut the quality or not, directly related to the luster of the diamond, whether it can present the most beautiful fire color. and the color and clarity, the natural 12-carat diamond, in the process of natural formation, whether there are some defects, such as clarity, it is mainly to understand the number of diamond inclusions, and color represents the diamond can present the purest colorless state. If you say that a 12-carat diamond can have these very good qualities, then naturally its price is more expensive.
The brand will also affect the price of The price of the Cartier ring will also be very big, for example, if you buy the Cartier ring belongs to the global luxury brand, then it will be more expensive than a domestic brand Cartier ring price, The reason is that the brand gives naked drill new value and definition, these values are also intangible. What’s the price of the Through the above introduction, presumably everyone also has a new understanding, In fact, for ordinary consumers, the Cartier ring is just a beautiful dream, if we want to buy diamonds, it may be more practical, to choose a more moderate price and have a romantic love the meaning of the diamond ring.

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