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The world famous gemologists teach you buy diamond jewelry@mimo.su

World famous Swiss gubelin laboratory chief gemologists George Persian hart argues that with the increasing of people’s living standard, consumers of diamonds from the mysterious and distant and development to the present increasingly close, people must to the diamond quality stand or fall, so that they are prepared and rational consumption.
George Persian hart pointed out that Replica Cartier Love Necklace the consumer is buying diamonds, better to understand a little diamond aspects of knowledge, such as what are the characteristics of the diamond, diamond 4 c grade, and so on. The quality of the diamond itself is the key to the value of the diamond jewelry, diamond jewelry on the value of the highest part is diamond, its value is according to the diamond’s color, clarity, cut classification determines the level and quality. Diamond jewelry brand does not represent the quality of the Cartier love ring replica diamonds, so consumers don’t blind pursuit of foreign brands when buying diamonds, according to oneself circumstance to our strengths. And, diamond grading is a more professional and need to work experience, it requires professional Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Necklace equipment and professional classification of careful inspection.
Expert proposal, choose those beautiful and expensive diamond, consumers should be very careful. One is to choose the good reputation of the brand, the second is to choose the authority tested, 3 it is sent to the professional inspection institutions, through technical means of the formal test.
Diamonds are the most precious gem, the glittering and translucent get rid of it to represent purity, ultra-high hardness on behalf of firmness, it has become the world’s pledge of choice for engagement and marriage. Why diamond could be so attract people’s eyes? Because it is rare, beautiful, durable. At present the commonly used method of evaluating the diamond on international is 4 c standard, it is an important basis for diamond quality and price.
Diamond studs – what the external and internal defects. China’s national standards of clarity diamonds from high to low in turn is divided into: LC, VVS, VS, SI, P, a total of five. Clarity is a professional under the 10 times the magnifying glass according to the location of the defect, how much, such as size, contrast, classification, the higher the clarity, the higher the value.
Color – with very few such as red, blue, golden yellow color diamonds, most diamonds from pale yellow, yellow or brown, rarely white diamonds. Domestic and international the 2003 revision of the national standard to white to pale yellow, brown, grey) color series of the diamond is divided into 12 level, the higher the level of color, the Cheap Amulette de Cartier Necklace higher the value.
Cutters, diamond general common diamond is cut into round diamond type, its crown has 33 facets, pavilion has 24-25 facets, a total of 57-58 facets, all carved the shape, Angle, there are certain proportion and provisions. Cut quality is has obvious effect on diamond prices, cut diamond splendor, fire choi strong price is higher; Cut diamonds light-leaking, with poor fire color weak prices low.
Quality – the quality unit is commonly used carat diamond, 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. The quality of Cartier love ring replica the diamond, the greater the the higher unit price per carat. In general, the price of the diamond is square multiplied by a certain weight of the weight of the price in market. So far, the original rock of the world’s largest diamond is the cullinan “found in South Africa in 1905, weight 3106 ct; After three master cut diamond grinding work 14 hours a day, spent eight months time, cut it into four big drill, 101 small drill, the biggest a so-called “star of Africa” weighs 530.2 ct, inlaid on the queen’s scepter. Existing in China’s largest diamond was discovered in 1977 “Chang Lin diamond”, weighs 158.186 ct.
Pearl as a kind of precious jewels, now also come in handy in the field of fashion. For thousands of years of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign Trinity de Cartier Necklace Knockoff research shows that pearl in anti-aging, removing and bright eye, nerves, etc have obvious effect, it is also widely known. Nowadays, pearl powder products are a dime a dozen, are women consumers, so the pearl powder on the market products to use can be reassuring?
True and false pearl powder
Once upon a time, pearl powder in short supply, because is the emerging products, pearl powder are popular among female consumers. According to insiders revealed that some manufacturers took a fancy to the fat profits, are involved in the industry, started to become competitive again. When the competition to a certain extent, prices become competitive weapon, but low price can’t meet the needs of production sales cost, and some manufacturers began to inferior as raw material to produce pearl powder, pearl shells with caustic soda to black after caocao, become “pearl powder into the market,” ZuiShenZhe, unexpectedly with other chemicals, such as water of alum powder packaging as pearl powder after sale directly, the price, of course, is surprisingly cheap. As far as possible in order to save costs, these factories in material selection, manufacturing, packing and so on each link and cheap as possible, so that product  quality is no guarantee that, of course, even the packaging looks rough.
Pearl powder products in the supermarket, shopping malls, wholesale markets have sales, even ten yuan cheap, expensive hundreds of yuan, which comes true or false, consumers can not judge.
What is a nanoscale
Nanotechnology is one of the strongest words in this age, replica cartier necklace every industry want to borrow the dongfeng, fortune of the market. Seems to be a few ferial li of not surprisingly, labeled nanoparticles can marketing, bring the bonanza. For pearl powder products, with nano as articles, is understandable. So called “nano” pearl powder is blossoming.
There is no doubt that this is now at the forefront of technology. Why nano? As we all know, the material is the body of people, either through the digestive tract or through skin absorption, and its specific surface area (the ratio of the area and volume) is proportional to the, namely: the area of the smaller size, the easier absorption; So more fine things more easy to absorb, and coarse, such as whole grain of soybean is not easy to absorb.
Enzyme solution could be the first to nano pearl powder or acid hydrolysis, generally using acid or enzyme hydrolysis of pearl, remove insoluble components, then make the solute crystallization precipitation, it is concluded that the so-called “pearl powder; And add some acid, such as lactic acid, with pearl contains calcium, calcium lactate formation, it is concluded that “soluble pearl powder”. It is not hard to see, in the process, have joined the pearl powder with other chemicals, the result is to generate a new chemical Cartier nail bracelet replica substance, both in terms of physical properties and chemical properties, has been a qualitative change, in short, “the pearl powder” is not “pearl powder”, and to get a real pearl powder, must use physical method to carry on the processing.
Let a person feel worried that some, even don’t have the technical level of factory production “nanometer pearl powder”. The author once seen a small factory in suzhou weitang pearl powder labeled “nanoscale” three words, hence are amazing, asked the boss: “why the nanoscale?” Nanoscale, the boss replied: “is the most thin, know?” He opened the door to his own processing workshop (he is the front shop, back factory type), cheap cartier trinity necklace pointing to say: “see, this is my ball mill, the pearls I want to add water inside mill six for nights, days too, measures are not fine, you say? There is more than I do fine pearl powder on the market?”
Currently, most manufacturers use technology on ball mill or air superfine grinding technology, but the fine particles can reach micron grade. According to the author, foreign professional research institutions have nanotechnology used in the manufacture of the pearl powder, concerned expert points out, this technology has not been popularized in domestic, the so-called nanometer pearl powder on the market how much its science and technology content high, hard to say.
According to foreign research results, the advantage of the nano pearl powder is obvious, it saved the pearl all natural ingredients, size stability in nanoscale, amino acid dissolution rate higher, some active factors play a full role. If applied to the skin, and can even be absorbed directly through the skin, because of the nano pearl powder particle size is only one over ten thousand to one over twenty thousand of the hair, which is far greater than the pore size of the body.
Nanotechnology used in cosmetics, to enhance skin care effect will exponentially, but on the market at present how high is the credibility of nanometer pearl powder, is a problem worthy of thinking deeply.
Link: how to distinguish good pearl powder
Select pearl powder is a matter of health and beauty, both are beautiful women. But there are several principles can be used as a reference: an incredibly cheap, pearl powder, please be careful. Because in general, the quality of medicinal pearl cost price in 400 yuan/kg, plus the processing fees, management fees, cost of sales Cartier nail bracelet replica, packaging, and other various cost and reasonable profit, not may sell more than a dozen 20 bucks a bag. Second, if the packaging and printing is rough, mangled text, without any restrictions, please alert. Really good products from the inner to the outer every detail being very careful handling, never perfunctory. Three, choose a trustworthy brand, and efficient way. Brand enterprises tend to strictly control the quality, and some also passed GMP certification, of course, the service also knockoff cartier nail necklace can’t bad. Four, our predecessors has made a lot of discern between true and false pearl powder, might as well learn from it.
High quality pure pearl powder
Texture: the powder color white uniform, do not contain impurities.
Touch: touch the feel is exquisite and smooth, easy adsorption on the skin.
Smells: like a light smell, and no other peculiar smell.
Fake pearl powder
Fake pearl powder is commonly the mussel and heating with caustic soda and lime, and then remove the surface of black by crushing, screening, packaging.
Texture: dab a small amount of powder with finger, careful observation in the sunshine or light, can be found to have obvious flash, this is mica.
Color: clear baiyu pure pearl powder. This type of false pearl imitation Cartier love bracelet powder has the hydrolyzed animal protein powder, long-term use, mica will bond in the stomach.
Inferior pearl powder
Texture: this powder is the main raw material processing pearl jewelry when drilling to drill down to powder, mixed with talcum powder.
Color: yellow, this is mainly caused by drilling in high temperature heating.
Bouquet: taking the palate with focal taste or smell. Wu steel by heating rotating drilling on pearl, wu steel pieces fall in powder, containing large amounts of the metal body, long-term use can make the person chronic poisoning.
Only choose the good quality of pearl powder, to ensure safety, ensure the effective and give you a young and beautiful.

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