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The price of the diamond ring@mimo.su

The choice of diamond ring has always been the focus of new people, but the face of dazzling diamond ring, must have a budget, so as to choose a good diamond ring. This requires you to understand the diamond 4C parameters, ie the weight of the diamond, the color, the clarity, the cut, because the 4C replica Cartier jewelry parameter level is different for the price of the diamond. Let’s take a look at the following!
First, the diamond ring to buy skills:
Want to understand the diamond 4C parameters, that is, the weight of diamonds, color, clarity, cut, 4C parameters of the different levels of diamonds, the diamond is not the same as the diamond, The price is different, such as: the same 30 points of the diamond ring, if the color clarity cut is not the same, then the price of diamonds is not the same, and so on are so.
Experts recommend the same weight, mainly pick the color and cut, they are more affected by the fire color, and relatively speaking, the clarity is relatively small flaws, generally with the naked eye can not see Moreover, it is natural things flaw is to avoid No more than that.
But if the price is much higher, it is recommended to reduce the weight of diamonds, after all, to buy high-quality diamonds can talk about hedging
There is a big shopping mall is more expensive, because she will have a Cartier nail bracelet replica high management fees, shopping malls rebate, layers of brokers … … so choose a network of direct sales business is also a good choice.
Second, the impact of diamond ring price factors:
The price of a diamond is fake Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry mainly determined by the diamond’s 4C and fluorescence. Diamond 4C refers to the diamond color, clarity, weight and cut. Many businesses in order to pursue profits, deliberately cut diamonds and fluorescence to avoid talking about, or deliberately dilute the impact of the two on the price, consumption must be carefully identified.
Caratage: The weight of the diamond is calculated in koats. 1 carat = 0.2 g. One carat is divided into one hundred, each one is called a point. Internationally recognized diamond hedge weight of 0.40 carats or more, the domestic standard is 0.30 carats or more.
Color: The color of the diamond is colorless as the best, the darker the color, the worse the quality, the color from high to low is divided into: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M , N … … the more expensive in front of the more expensive.
Clarity: The clarity of diamonds is the cleanliness of diamonds, which is based on the results observed by professional gemologists under a dedicated 10x magnifying glass. Magnifying glass can not see the defects of the diamond is rare, clarity diamond clarity from good to bad are: FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3, I. The more expensive the front, the general processing of diamond ornaments and pendants are used in the SI above the clarity.
Cut: Cut the angle and proportion of an experienced technician who cuts the diamonds into a polished diamond. Cut is the only one in the 4c that can be directly controlled by the people, it affects the diamond color and brightness to a large extent, and thus also affect the price. Cut is divided into EX +, EX, VG +, VG, G, Fair, Poor and other grades, ID is the best cut, the more the worse later Cut a good diamond to reflect the bright color of the fire, cut the bad diamond reflected in the fire color dim.
Another point of particular attention to consumers, fluorescent is also one of the most critical factors to determine the price of diamonds, fluorescent grade is divided into VS, S, Med, F, Non, the more front of the stronger fluorescence, the price is cheaper. Strong fluorescent diamonds in the light irradiation will be poor permeability. Especially strong fluorescence will affect the price of more than 35% of diamonds.
Experts also reminded, in the purchase of diamond ring, replica Hermes jewelry must require businesses to produce national testing department identification certificate, which is the diamond “physical examination table.” Which developed by G.I.A and H..R.D grading standards the most rigorous and authoritative. Domestic diamond imitation Cartier love bracelet jewelry more authoritative identification rules are “inlaid diamond grading rules.” Consumers must see the certificate can be purchased, and asked the diamond ring warranty.
Third, the common brand diamond ring price:
Zhou Shengsheng, 16 points, E, VS1,5170 yuan
Zhou Shengsheng, 18 points, D color, VVS, 8,000 yuan or so
Zhou Shengsheng, diamond ring 20 points, G, VS1-VS2, 6800 yuan
Chow Tai Fook, 27 points, de color, vs2, price 8500,7500 won the other to send silver Fuxing baby a Chow Tai Fook, 30 points of the diamond ring, fineness is good, the price is 7100, the final transaction price is 6500, Looks great, almost catch a carat. If you want to buy a little money, you can go to Marbella to see, more fashionable, but also cheap, but mostly 18K.
Chow Tai Fook’s high price, 30 points in 1w5 or so. And the old temple, the old Fengxiang 30 minutes G / H color more than 9000 basic. Feeling more cost-effective Donghua diamonds, fineness of almost more than 7,000 can buy 30 points, G color eight arrows of the heart but also more than 9000.
Old temple gold, 22 points necklace, 6000
30 points around the VSH-VSG ring. Lao Fengxiang that can play 8.2 fold, about 9100 yuan; Ryan hit 4.6 fold 8500 yuan
Donghua, E color VS2 30.3 points price 11800 deal 9700
Old temple gold, 31.3 points, diamond ring, fineness for the G (relatively rare on the counter), VS1, then hit 8 fold 6200
Chow Tai Fook SI level 30 points also 1w, Donghua VS thirty points only this price, SI 8k, last year in Nanjing Road, a South African diamond shop, SI level 40 points only 7K
Town God Temple of the old Fengxiang bought a PT950, 38 points, 15000 to play 8 fold, 12000
Cheng Huang jewelry replica Van Cleef jewelry inside the mosaic, 41.5 points D color VS1 VG IGI certificate naked diamond price 7000, ringing large 4 grams more than spent 1200, generally 800-900 can get it! They spent 20 inspection fees so a total of only 8200 a little more
Yuyuan old temple gold 5 or 6 floor, 50 points, cut VERY GOOD, level VS1, color F, the price of more than 12,000.
Old temple gold, 51 points, 21000, fineness is not the same as the price difference, there is a 50 points only 18000.
Donghua, 65 points, more than 30,000 a little. There is a GIA certificate
Donghua, more than 20 points, VS2, G, more than 5000
Old temple, VSI 70 points F color, more than 35,000
King Jewelery, 31 points of diamonds, 6 claws, PT ring, 14080 yuan, hit 6.5 fold, 9152 yuan imperial jewelry, VS1 H color, 32 points 9600 meters
Xie Ruilin, drill 9 points pt950 is a special section 2980 – 9 points in the price of 1300 to 2000 between.
City hundred one shop, 0.222 carats, VSH, 3758
Marble’s diamond pendant is a 23-point drill, VVS, 2900 yuan, send a 18K chain
April, Sichuan North Road store, pt900, 30 points, VS, H, eight heart eight arrows, cut well, 8500
TIFFANY drops drill ring is only about 50 points look, Shanghai to sell more than 100,000
Jinmao in the drill, 62 points VS G color, Italy cut, GIA certificate, 13,999 yuan! Bought six months ago, diamonds from 04 did not have been up
Acquaintances special discount:
Two years ago, made in the factory. VSG 40 cents platinum ring, 7 thousand.
42 points, PT diamond ring 9000 yuan less than the fineness seems to be what VS, it is said that this market 16000
40 points, VS, F color, eight arrows heart, bare diamond price is 7500. After processing a total of 9000. Because the addition of broken drill, do not shredded drill, then even cheaper. Is the market price of 6 fold, do not invoice.
Shanghai Peninsula in a friend’s company to buy, 1.01 carat princess side bare imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond, I color, VVS clarity, cutting VERY GOOD, less than 30000, a national inspection certificate, when the ring plus 8 points 3 points About the broken drill, a total of 32000 look. The same level of fake Cartier jewelry bare diamond in the mall is almost doubled the offer price.
Hong Kong and Macao regions:
Hong Kong Chow Sang Sang with a certificate, 32 points, H, VVS, playing a good discount of HK $ 6400, the same size diamond ring in Shanghai Chow Sang Sang about bought 1.2W
Hong Kong Chow Sang Sang, 52 points, VVS2, D, bare drill, together RMB about 20,000 1,2
Hong Kong Chow Tai Fook, 30 points, platinum, 950 or 750 is not very clear, is said to be flawless, high level, more than 1w Hong Kong dollars
Hong Kong Chow Tai Fook, this year’s Spring Festival, 30 points, VVS, H color, 6680 Hong Kong dollars. There DTC certificate, no DTC certificate of about 1000, but there are Chow Tai Fook’s certificate
Macau Chow Tai Fook, 61 points of the diamond ring 1.3w, E-class drilling, Shanghai valuation of 48,000
Hong Kong Xie Ruilin, 56 points, E color. VVS2. Perfect cut (eight heart eight arrows) fold the yuan seems to be about 23000.
Hong Kong, VVS1 52 points +42 points 2, 2.4W, the end of the year when the discount
Hong Kong, 52 points drill about 11,000
Hong Kong, 52 points, asking price 14000, counter-offer to 12888, in Shanghai to buy at least 20000 or more
Hong Kong Luk Fook, 41 points, HK $ 6600
The United States made, 1.10 karats, VVS2, F, cut: very good, the ring is to make the designer made a total of: 5500. Shanghai’s Xie Ruilin and Chow Tai Fook’s 14 million – 20 million may be almost Shanghai professional appraiser also said.) End of December 2003 all completed
The United States, the ring, a Replica Cartier Earrings row of drill style, custom set, a total of ten, 15 points each, with the “LAZER” diamond, each 4C basically the same, one thousand dollars. No GIA certificate, VS1, H, cut: good 2005
The United States, a carat, only more than 3,000 US dollars. Fineness and then how, is also cost-effective.
The United States, 1 carat, D level, flash IF, 13800 dollars or so
The United States, 1 carat 4w yuan, VVS, color can still be the kind of.
Australia, 30 points of the 3000, the style is also very beautiful.
Paris, 3 years ago, D color VSII, 1 crado a little bit, 1.2w dollars
South Africa, 62 points, vvs1, I, price 1.5w
South Africa, 48 points, VVS2, D, bare drill, 8900 pieces
South Africa, 48 points, VVS, D, bare drill 7900 yuan, Shanghai identified with the old Fengxiang set up a total of 8600 yuan (2000 price). Hong Kong about 1.1 ~ 1.4w it

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