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A Maplestoryer opinion

Participating in event broadcasts to get more items than intended:Remove all of the relevent items in their inventories, even ones got from the event in prior decades. If you mistreated the buy Maplestory 2 Mesos shiny easter egg buff event this season, then you deserve to have every one your buffs you’ve collected/hoarded over time deleted. If possible, this should be accompanied by blocking that participant’s account from participating in the event if it comes back in the future.

Selling in game items for real cash:I know you find these folks. They market the Paypal prices directly in their shop windows now, and frequently no action is taken against them except to occasionally change the text in their shop window. If you don’t want to prohibit them simply delete all of the items in their shop inventories. Second crime would be deleting all the items in their inventory and in their storage. All items, Maplestory 2 Mesos, medals earned etc..

Clearly some actions should still result in an immediate ban. Hacking, using somebody else’s accounts, duping etc etc.. . But overall few actions should immediately warrant a ban, however they nevertheless merit a punishment. I truly do believe that this sort of system would cause a really positive shift in the way the community thinks about MS Mesos breaking the ToS. And finally, if you disincentivize them out of breaking the ToS at the first place, you then won’t run into problems on precisely the same scale as the Shiny Easter Egg Buff exploit or hunters club pops. You may also, finally, have fewer gamers botting for levels.

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