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How to correctly treat the diamond certificate@leix.su

Diamonds all people with a dream in the heart of color, the choose and buy a diamond as if implemented a beautiful dream. This process as a treasure hunt, full of infinite surprise, but the choose and buy diamond, after all, not to pick fruit in the supermarket, you when the careful choice, replica cartier bracelet whether also can appear some doubt in heart. Some topics below hopes to solve the possible problems when the choose and buy you a diamond:
Jewelry market in China, especially the diamond jewelry market is to develop in the direction of more standardized, the diamond certificate of identification, classification plays an important role. Consumers in jewelry stores (counter) will see that most of the diamonds are equipped with the gem certificate issued by the testing agency, but the jewelry testing station, certificate issued by the inspection center of from form to content still exist certain differences, people can not help but ask: “exactly what kind of certificate is the most fair?” “So many jewelry inspection agencies, which is one of the most reliable?” In fact as long as it is national legal institution decides that the detection unit, the certificate is issued, they will be based on the principle of “scientific, impartial, serious evaluation on each diamond.
After some customers buy diamond, diamond jewelry to another station to “review”, once found by testing the color and clarity of the level of, is different with the original certificate was suspected of fraud that jewelry store, even the desire “in court,” this is due to the customer on the certificate don’t know much. So how should see certificate when purchasing diamond jewelry?
According to the diamond grading standards of the fake cartier bracelet state, to the diamond weight between 10 to 1 carat diamond, “diamond grading rules” can be used for the quality of the diamond grading, though diamond quality grade evaluation standard is the most scientific, most gems of all international standards, because the diamond is embedded in the classification and institutions in charge of testing so difficult to accurate classification of diamond’s color, clarity, etc, and grading work rely on technical personnel’s vision and experience of grading, so the error is inevitable, according to the diamond industry practice, the level of clarity or color only to the diamond color, clarity is a rough description, and allows a certain error.
Of this kind has inlaid diamonds, in accordance with the “inlay diamond grading rule”, the quality of the diamond can be divided into five levels: very good, very good, good, good, general. For example, a diamond quality evaluation for the “good”, its color levels may be F or G, clarity for SI, may also have color level for H, I, or J, clarity for VS or SI, this kind of diamond have been excellent. So to the diamond appraisal certificate should also be fully see; You when purchasing diamond jewelry is tempted by the diamond TianRanXing, attracted by the uniqueness of diamond, and do not blindly pursue high level, high level of clarity of the diamond color, these high-level diamond is the treasure in the nature of beauty, the price of course.
Ruby in the ancient world refers to all the “red gems”. Can also be found in the British crown jewels since two famous ruby – black prince ruby and iron agaric ruby. cheap cartier bracelet The two rubies has a long history. In fact, they are red spinel. Today, ruby red corundum specifically to gem grade. Look from mineralogy, ruby is the mineral corundum crystal, chemical composition of alumina, crystallization of trigonal system, perfect for hexagonal barrel or columnar crystal often. Corundum hardness of 9, mohs hardness is second only to diamond, is one of the most hard minerals. Due to the high hardness, good figure out ruby Mosaic on jewelry, after long-term wear also won’t cut or grind hair, this is a significant advantage as a gem. Corundum sex brittle, however, do not stand up to the collision, in thinking and daily wear should be pay attention, in order to avoid the fracture. Its refractive index medium (1.762 1.780), the dispersion is low (0.018), showed vitreous luster to the adamantine luster. Chemical properties are very stable and enduring in the air, also won’t burn, melting point of 2050 degrees Celsius, insoluble in acid, all of these properties, is a senior gem should have.
Ruby red, it is because of the crystal contains trace amounts of chromium oxide, it not only show red in the visible light, and under the irradiation of ultraviolet, emit bright red fluorescence. Therefore, ruby in contains ultraviolet sunlight looks more beautiful. Ruby has strong dichroism, bright red and orange red. Ruby red color change very much, such as pink, red to purplish red, dark red. Only to medium shades of dark red or purple transparent alumina can be called ruby. With bright red color and even for the best. One of the most high quality produced by an extremely rare for Burma are knockoff cartier bracelet 18k gold called “pigeon red ruby. Natural ruby particles are generally small, the output of reaching a carat is rare. So far, the biggest ruby in the world, the weight and the largest gem diamond, is 3450 carats, produced in myanmar. But the biggest “pigeon red rubies weigh only 55 carats.
Although mining each year a large number of ruby, but the most high-quality gem is only 0.1%. Mainly because of gem of laser-illuminated, crack, spots, often in silk inclusions and other defects. However, in most cases, the color is more important than transparency. Ruby colour is very uneven, sometimes a mottled or striped.
The price of each carat gem, the greater the increase dramatically. In addition, gem cutting quality also affect the price, because it affects the color of the stones, luster.

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