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Čer 06

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I believe we shall do see a far better MapleStory

Boss Queues:When boss queueing, party leader positions does not get passed to the person who Maplestory Mesos joined the new party,Be able to queue to Monsters Boss without having all the party members become the exact same station,Boss queueing to get Arkarium must take the party outside the altar instead of Crack in Time.Boss Content:Eliminate Physical Strike Immunity on Arkarium’s summons,Permit infinite entries, but 1 apparent daily for most bosses,Remove automobile respawns on managers with death counts,Remove fire upon beating Chaos Crimson Queen.

I believe we shall do see a far better MapleStory game at the forthcoming days, that which we need do is maintaining playing with this game and continue making suggestions.Some Ideas About MapleStory Nebs Revamp

It is essentially the important things without inducing the abundance of issues that come with the prior. It should be roughly equal to the equipment drop rate in Temple of Time and for bosses it must scale with difficulty.

Remove worthless nebs. Either randomly convert them into another neb or make them no more obtainable. This includes the horizontal +stat nebs. Even without any gear, a +4 stat neb can not compete with a 1 percent stat neb.. Buffing them rather is a choice but I recommend caution. They may shift the balance of the game and I suggest making them buy Maplestory Items unaffected by other potentials.Consolidate the stats into one tier per position. One A neb giving 3 percent dex and another giving 4 percent is pretty unfair. The opportunity of ranking up a neb and fusing to your specific stat you desire is already low. This also needs to involve altering the %stat nebs down one rank so that D includes 1 percent stat going up to A with 4 percent stat.

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