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Bulgari, what would you think of? How to Save the Children Black Ceramic Memorial Ring?@mimo.su

Bulgari, what would you think of? How to Save the Children Black Ceramic Memorial Ring? Elizabeth Taylor in the “Cleopatra” in the necklace, bracelet and crown? Or Robert Robert Downey in the “Iron Man” in the domineering rose gold moon phase table? Oh, if you still know that the Bulgari family in London, Bali and even next year, Shanghai has its own boutique hotel, then you love the level of the Bulgari can not be low. Well, if you still know that “from” cartier’s good country wine, it would like to congratulate you on the good taste.
Podernuovo a Palazzone This wine is replica Cartier jewelry upstarted from the Bulgari family. In 2004 by the Bulgari family fifth generation head, Paolo and son Giovanni bought, and by Giovanni care. It is located in the southern tip of Tuscany, located in Umbria (Umbria) and Lazio (Lazio) between the triangle. The winery’s vineyard covers an area of 22 hectares and is located near San Casciano dei Bagni, Siena, Italy. Ms. Francesca Zanoni, Director of Global Markets, Chateau, recently visited Beijing. Why many years later, Bulgari family descendants are willing to create a new business for the family of wine it? This is the first question that the author threw her on. “This is the dream that Giovanni Bulgari has always pursued. He thinks that brewing wine and making jewelry are love, and the embodiment of beauty is pure and natural. “Ms. Francesca Zanoni said, in their view, wine is” jewelry in the crop. ”
Q = “Beijing Youth” Weekly A = Francesca Zanoni
Q: Can you introduce the land of PoderNuovo a Palazzone?
A: PoderNuovo a Palazzone is located in the triangle protected by the Italian government, where the focus is on the harmony between man and the environment. As Giovanni Bulgari is committed to environmental protection and harmonious coexistence with nature, PoderNuovo winery uses a geothermal system to provide the optimum temperature for the entire wine making and aging process. To provide energy for solar power generation and environmental protection to protect this beautiful land of harmonious and healthy development. Where the soil structure is rich, clay, chalky soil, fake Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry gravel, pebble soil, ideal for planting, mild climate (warm summer, relatively cold in winter, moderate rainfall). Portugal Park is located at an altitude of 340 meters to 380 meters on the natural gentle slope, this geographical location to avoid the formation of water. The brewing philosophy of the winery is a wine that is simple and elegant, with a unique interpretation of the Italian palazzone.
Q: How many wines are you currently producing? Would you recommend that wine to Chinese consumers?
A: In 2009, we witnessed the birth of three excellent wineries: Therra, Argirio and Sotirio. The latter is named after Bulgari family founder Sotirio Giovanni’s name as a great grandfather of the silversmith. To know that Sotirio is a striking wine, from a 3 hectares of a single vineyard planted Sangiovese brewed brewed, its tradition and flavor perfectly reproduce the Palazzon (Palazzone) region unique micro Climate is the gift of others gift!
September Shanghai feasting, Bulgari Group’s fourth global boutique hotel announced its settled here
September Shanghai feasting, Bulgari Group’s fourth global boutique hotel announced its settled here. This is the Bulgari family since 2001 began to get involved in the boutique hotel business, following Milan, Bali, London, after the global layout of another luxury piece.
A 128-year-old jewelry family suddenly cross-border hotel industry somewhat puzzling, but for Bulgari, both its jewelry, watch and perfume brand or new hotel, luxury and noble are eternal label.
Bulgari not only become a member of the royal family, politicians of the pet, but also with the fashion star has a bond. One of the most famous is the Sofia Roland. That year, she at the Oscar awards ceremony took the “little gold”, so that everyone is not the hands of the trophy, but she wore a string of cartier necklace. What is more, there have been several crazy Roman princess in order to get cartier jewelry even at the expense of the territory as an exchange.
Rivers and lakes status so much, many capital predators on the Bulgari coveted three feet is not surprising.
In March 2011, Bulgari and the world’s largest luxury goods manufacturer Louis Vuitton Group (LVMH) to complete the cross-shareholding. Louis Vuitton to higher than the price of 60% of the price of its holdings; and Bulgari family Zeyi way to hold Louis Vuitton 16.5 million shares, as its second largest shareholder.
Whether the relationship with replica Hermes jewelry Louis Vuitton is not the focus of those who are obsessed with Bulgari’s consumers. Bulgari most fans can not stop or superb craftsmanship, design style and the Bulgari family in a century of historical dust to give the brand’s classical temperament.
Old antique shop
In 1857, the founder of Bulgari Sodorius was born in a Greek silversmith family. At that time the Greek political turmoil, in order to avoid the persecution of war, Sodori Rio family had to be removed to settle in Rome.
At the time of the Roman city, nobles and priests were obsessed with gold and silver jewelry. Clever Sodori Rio began to sell their own production of silver jewelry. In 1884, Sodorius in Rome opened the first silver shop, selling unique design of the necklace, buttons and other silver sculpture. With artistic inspiration and the upgrading of family skills, Sodori Rio soon became famous in the Roman city.
In order to be able to attract the Italian tourism of the Anglo-American rich, Sodorius to the store moved to Rome, the most prosperous Condado Avenue on the 10th, and borrow the name of the British writer Dickens a novel to shop elegant called “old antique shop” , Which also became the headquarters of Bulgari headquarters.
Sodori Liou will be the family of traditional silver craft to the extreme, but after all, just spell out a shop, really open the Bulgari jewelry empire is the second generation of the family.
In 1932, Sodori Rio died, his two sons Joe Giorgio and replica Van Cleef jewelry Kostan Tino took over the family business, and with the family’s surname “Bulgari” for its brand name. And Sodori Rio has always been focused on silver carving different, Qiao Gio and Kostan Tituo more keen on the cause of jewelry, and gradually the family business from silver jewelry to a variety of jewelry.
At that time the European and American jewelry industry is mainly popular standard French style, usually only a white diamond with another gem, or ruby or emerald or sapphire,fake Cartier jewelry but the three colored stones never match each other. This kind of fixed design style never dared to break. The sensitivity of the design of the jewelry so that the two brothers determined to try to jump out of the “Paris faction” of the shackles.
They began to inherit from the father of the Greek art style with the Renaissance Italy after the mainstream aesthetic concept together, in the color collocation to break the design concept of curing to increase the color of jewelry gem rounded soft beauty.
In this process, they improved the 16th century when the use of circular convex gem cutting method, invented the heart-shaped gem cutting method, in the shape of the gem in the shape of an unprecedented breakthrough. This is a major innovation in the jewelry industry is now the necessary art and style of high jewelry.

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