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Former Italian Miss GinaLollobrigida, once the film sexy star@mimo.su

Former Italian Miss GinaLollobrigida, once the film sexy star. Favorite Bulgari, love pure Italian design and the drop-shaped colored gemstone earrings. Her most famous collections include a pair of mosaic Marquise and pear-shaped diamond emerald ear, and another pair of natural pearls inlaid with pearls and Fake Hermes Leather Bracelet diamonds Bulgari platinum earrings, her inlaid with turquoise and diamond flower-shaped Earrings, it has a strong
Indian style.
Any topic related to jewelry have to mention the name of Elizabeth Taylor, know why she only preferred the rich color of precious stones earrings? She had a pair of rare blue-purple eyes, and she felt
Only large pieces of colored gemstone earrings to match.
Elizabeth Taylor ‘s Personal Treasures
Many literary works and film and television drama through the earrings, highlights the plot development and the characters in the heart.
“From the stars of you”
Recently, this hot Korean dramas in the whole Ji-hyun that dazzling fashion apparel in the Variety of all kinds of earrings under the more noble, for this modern drama to replica Cartier jewelry add a lot of fashion elements, but also add a lot of bright spots.
“Countess Earrings”
The work of Max Overs, a master of cinema, tells the story of 20th century Paris,
A pair of heart-shaped diamond earrings, in the jeweler, generals, his wife bought three to sell three, several times back to his wife three times, but also with the separation process. The fate of the film through the earrings, showing the vanity of the social atmosphere.
“Wearing a pearl earrings girl”
Play girl shrimp tear-like pearl earrings is the focus of drawing composition, but also the story can not be ignored metaphor. Wear earrings, the origin of earrings, saying different.
The first is that the earrings, earrings, is the pursuit of beauty produced by people;
Another statement is that earrings, earrings for medical purposes is the first purpose, because wearing earrings, earrings earrings parts, it is the eye of the points. It can be seen, wearing earrings, earrings, on
Protect eyesight, prevent eye disease, especially the prevention and treatment of myopia, there is a certain supporting role.
The traditional saying goes: not sedan chair does not tie ears, daughter married, wearing jewelry! Implication: often go home to see! In her daughter may wish to send her a custom earrings, as a souvenir.
Earrings to temperament in line with the temperament to fake Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry choose their own earrings, more than the blind pursuit of fashion more meaningful.
Earrings and clothing, as with age, personality and identity.
· Wear earrings at work Recommended to choose simple style with you, to pay special attention to details of the process, too thick will reduce the value of earrings.
Weekday casual dress, with exaggerated geometric shapes, rough large earrings can show a different modern fashion.
Attend important occasions, the wearing of the earrings need to focus attention and clothing, bags, necklaces and other jewelry finishing sense, select the valuable sense of precious stones with gold or K gold inlay, reflecting the noble and generous gas field.
Young girls should wear a sense of modeling such as polygons, strong earrings dynamic to shape full of youthful vitality,
Vibrant image of the material for the manufacture of earrings, not necessarily too demanding.
* Middle-aged women must wear a jewelry jewelry earrings texture, superior quality than the shape of the out of place
Unique is more important.
In order to create a broad market space for sustainable development
In order to create a broad market space for sustainable development, GAO CHUAN FOOTWEAR CO., LTD. Has set up a direct agency in Milan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Changsha and other cities to ensure that the Kiss Cat brand in the information , The market, consumption, competition and other aspects of long-term keen eye to keep sharp and resilience.
We believe that through the replica Hermes jewelry deepening of the economic environment, market dynamics of the double study; through the continuous development of deepening their own marketing capabilities, high-invasive will grow into a healthy, sensitive, excellent and efficient modern enterprise.
brand introduction
NINE WEST (Nine Hee) is from New York’s women’s fashion footwear and apparel brand, is the world’s largest women’s shoes design, manufacture, sell one. Group’s 14 brands, products in addition to footwear, handbags and small leather goods, but also related to glasses, jewelry and knitwear and other fields, business in 42 countries around the world. It is said that in the United States alone has more than 950 stores, more than 7,000 sales outlets.
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NINE WEST (Jiu Xi) was founded in 1977. NINE WEST’s first office is located in New York on the 9th 57 West Street, the brand name also derived.
NINE WEST diversified footwear styles, adhere to the use of superior materials, to provide a competitive price, so that the rapid rise of the brand well known.
In 1997, NINE WEST joined the handbags and leather accessories replica Van Cleef jewelry and other series. In 1999, NINE WEST also introduced a series of sports shoes, so NINE WEST (Jiu Xi) brand more perfect, to meet all the needs of fashionable women from head to toe.
Today, NINE WEST has grown into a fashionable style that encompasses clothing, pants, hats, jewelry accessories, sunglasses, belts, bags, scarves and scarves. Once a professional footwear business NINE WEST (Jiu Xi), now no matter where they have become the most trusted dress consultant.
Each quarter, NINE WEST (Jiu Xi) will integrate the essence of fashion launched nine major themes, with nine “must have” the trend of a single product. NINE WEST fake Cartier jewelry (Jiu Xi) has been recognized as the most suitable in the price trend to represent the trend of fashion leaders.
NINE WEST has 97% brand recognition in the United States. NINE WEST (Nine Hee) customers are keen to frequent NINE WEST shops and sales counters, compared to a year to buy two pairs of shoes on average, 10 NINE WEST customers inside, there are seven years to buy more than 10 pairs of shoes!
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American brand NINE WEST in 1997 officially landed in China. In this 9 years, has been for the ladies to provide a variety of the latest fashion footwear and handbags accessories. In recent years, more women’s clothing, the brand itself is more perfect, to meet the needs of customers from head to toe. At present, its sales counters of more than 4,000, more than 60 countries around the world.

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