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Kaolin grinding process

According to incomplete ultrafine grinding mill statistics, China has proven coal reserves of 1.673 billion tons of kaolin, accounting for about 10% of the world’s proven reserves of kaolin. However, the outstanding feature of coal-based kaolin is that it contains a certain amount of organic carbon, impurities such as iron and titanium, which seriously affects the quality of the product. Therefore, before kaolin is used as a filler for paper, plastics, and rubber, decarbonization and whitening are required, and high-temperature calcination is one of the effective treatment methods.

According to the requirements of different customers, we can configure different ultrafine grinding mill production lines for customers: 1. First grinding and after-burning production line 2. First, burn and then mill production line. The mill we produce can grind kaolin into powdery products. High-pressure mills, trapezoidal mills and other types of mills can grind kaolin materials to a fineness of 3000 meshes. The mills are characterized by high yield, low energy consumption, and environmental protection. Kaolin raw materials may contain a certain amount of water and impurities. In order to obtain high purity and high quality products, we will customize different production line plans for customers according to the requirements of different customers, and configure certain auxiliary equipment, such as: dryers, Magnetic separators, packaging machines and other machines.

Kaolin calcination system (divided according to calcination temperature), low temperature calcination (below 650 degrees Celsius), medium temperature calcination (650-1050 degrees Celsius), high temperature calcination (1300-1525 degrees Celsius) and so on. Different calcination temperatures have different properties and uses. The low-temperature calcined product is a metakaolinite phase, which is an amorphous phase and has a high chemical activity. It is used for the synthesis of molecular sieves, aluminum salt chemicals, and functional materials for plastics and rubber. The calcined kaolin at medium temperature is a silica alumina spinel, which has good whiteness and high opacity. It is used in paper industry and coating industry to replace titanium dioxide as a structural pigment. High-temperature calcined kaolin is mullite and cristobalite. It is used to produce mullite sand, refractory materials and special ceramics. However, the cemented materials used in the cement are of high territories. The calcination temperature is generally between 600-900 degrees Celsius, which belongs to the low and medium temperature calcinations.

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