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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas@mimo.su

Mother’s Day is the day when we hug our moms, grandmothers, aunts and sisters a little tighter. We express our thoughts and sentiment for them with thoughtful cards and gifts. If you’re anything like me, the hardest part is choosing the gift that I feel is perfect.
I usually search through gift guides for inspiration, and sometimes I find the perfect present in the hand-picked gift guides. If you’re in need of some mothers day gifting inspiration, check out
You can’t go wrong with rose gold! These radiant rose gold necklace, ring and earrings are perfect for Spring and Summer. The totally trendy mom, as well as the cute classic mom is sure to love a piece (or two) of rose gold jewelry!
Sometimes simple gifts are the best. A replica Cartier jewelry simple pendant necklace set with your would mean the world to her! Or maybe your grandmothers favorite gemstone is ruby. I gifted my grandmother a beautiful ruby pendant for Mother’s Day last year, because Ruby is her favorite gemstone, and she absolutely loved it! Or maybe your sister’s favorite color is pink, she is sure to love a simple yet!
Does your mom follow the latest fashion trends? Then she is sure to love the official color of the year…green! There is a variety of gorgeous green gems, like and more! When in doubt, go green!
Has plenty of beautiful jewelry options, they’ve got you covered whether your mom prefers . Is your mom’s style more contemporary and simple? She might love a ring that matches her brown eyes. Or is her style a bit more adventurous? She might love a beautiful statement ring with mixed metals!
Your mom spends most of her time taking care of everyone else, putting her wants second. Let’s face it, our moms are INCREDIBLE! Take the time to fake Van Cleef &Arpels jewelry find her a gift that shows her how much she means to you. A piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, because each time she looks at it, she’ll think of you!
Happy shopping, and Happy Mother’s Day!
Pretty In Pacific Style
Pacific Style is inspired by the luscious pacific islands and brings a modern flair to a classic beach style. As summer is quickly approaching, let your mind (and style) drift away into the fabulous and luxurious wonders of abalone, coral, and jade.
What popular jewelry pieces come to mind when you think of the beach? Possibly pearls, seashells, or starfish-shaped earrings? Think again! Abalone has a wistful aquatic charm that is sure to delight! This intricate flawlessly displays hues of calm ocean water, beautiful sea glass green, rocky gray, and deep luxurious purple. This gorgeous necklace could serve as a fabulous, bold statement piece with a simple top or dress. These multi-colored, pair perfectly with this Abalone is so gorgeous that it deserves to take the spotlight!
Escape to the island state of mind with these darling pink coral and pearl pieces. This when paired with matching pink coral earrings, creates a fun and lively twist to her black and white ensemble. Dani added a to mix it up and to incorporate a classic beach style.
As I was pondering how to describe these amazing replica Hermes jewelry jade beauties, I stumbled upon the darling word, “jaunty”. The word, “jaunty” is derived from the French word “gentil” meaning nice or pleasing. Jaunty is defined as lively, cheerful, exuding self-confidence, elegant, and stylish. What a perfect way to describe these lovely pieces! This elegant is a simple way to incorporate elements of pacific style into your look. Pair them with these ornate, with a beautiful design. Top off your ensemble with this Strive to be “jaunty” as you rock this stylish jewelry!
Indulge in a sweet little (early) vacation with Pacific Style jewelry. You will be sure to impress! Now let’s just hope summer comes quickly!
Rémy Rotenier’s Design Inspiration

Rémy Rotenier sees jewelry as living sculptures and companions of our lives.
After years of developing designs and collections for many of the major design houses in Paris and the United States, I so enjoy creating this collection of accessible luxury which everyone can afford.  For years I was designing anonymously but now I create these works just for shoppers; custom design for my favorite clients!
For each new set of designs for “Bella” I draw pencil sketches for hours, pages and pages of ideas from which I select a few to render in more detail.  The beauty of the world is my inspiration, from nature to the architecture of my hometown, Paris, from human emotions to stages in our lives, I notice everything and adapt it all into jewelry designs.
I am very passionate about jewelry design and have been for more than 30 years.  Each of my designs is infused with wonderful emotions.  Some of them carry a deep and timeless message which I would like to explain to you.
The “Je t’aime” Collection replica Van Cleef jewelry clearly, yet privately (hidden behind a little door that is incorporated into the pattern), announces one’s feelings for another.  When a secret door in the, or the front of the is opened, the sentiment, “I love you” is spelled out in my native language, French.  Personally, I prefer to wear jewelry that means something special to me alone.  The ring and locket are beautiful to look for the viewer, but only the wearer knows the hidden message and who it came from.  These creations were originally designed for my Bella customers who have provided me with 3 ½ great years of love and inspiration.
Like the perfect companion, the “Always There” Collection of accompanies your every gesture, the pavé heart swinging back and forth, always with you, following your movement.  I love action and motion in jewelry so with each twist or toss of the hand, the heart echoes and amplifies your personality.  The little heart creates a lot of sparkle because of its easy motion, back and forth across the wrist or finger.
In this season of spiritual sacrifice, the “Eternal Faith” Collection fake Cartier jewelry reminds us of what is important, a consistent faith in each other and the world around us.  The cross is embraced in this by the symbol of infinity, an endless loop that flips over on itself and constantly begins again.  Faith is strongest when it never wavers and is a permanent personal foundation.  Aesthetically, I also love the contrasting firm geometry of the cross and the flowing organic nature of infinity.  The white rhodium with baguette stones against the yellow gold set with round Bellas also amplifies this difference between straight and curved.

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