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The introduction of new items in the Maple Story Mesos

However Marvel is a tradition of pay-to-win that’s been there for fair purpose of the organization’s survival. Yet, with the introduction of new items in the Maple Story Mesos Marvel system and Gachapons dropping these Gorgeous Souls and whatnot; the game is return to its more pay-to-win sources and states.

How can unfunded players fund themselves in-game contents to become stronger? I will be able to count the amount of things they can do without running out of fingers to count (meaning less than 10, that’s deemed successful), but all of them for certain will require efforts and time.

How do funded players finance themselves? Pay. Pay a whole lot, and you’ll be rewarded Heavily to have the ability to finance yourself. Through introduction of over-powered items and almost-easy accessibility to these, the game has gotten more and more encouraging about pay-to-win.

So far, up to the Marvel upgrade was on a downhill relation to the buy Maplestory Mesos first statement in my subject „A Better Maple“, but it wasn’t devastatingly game-changing or anything a lot of; since Nexon needs to have Business and they can only survive by making us pay.

The Actual Issue

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