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Čer 25

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The entrance to the Roman villa of Camarzana

The entrance to the Roman villa of Camarzana de Tera will cost one euro

The plenary session of Camarzana de Tera finally approved to establish the price of  tera gold tickets to the Roman villa in 1 euro. Both individually and in groups. The debate among the councilors caused the decrease in the initially proposed price of 3 euros. On the other hand, the measure that will start to be implemented shortly will be reviewed after a period of six months has elapsed.

In the plenary session held on the night of past Friday, the City Council of Camarzana p Tera agreed to lease the four garages of Centro Street, municipal property and which had been utilized as a warehouse and many others. In these buildings there’s another garage, but it’s connected to the older homes of the masters. The Corporation declared to resolve an upward auction of 25 euros a month for the rent of every garage.

The councilors also accepted the petition for a joint training and employment area for buy ps4 tera gold the Board to intervene in gardening and environmental modules in the recreational field“La Barca“ in Camarzana and also on the Jacobean-Mozarabic street from Santa Marta de Tera.

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