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Čec 04

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Prospects for the development of micro-grinding

Ultrafine Mill is also a kind of ore crushing machinery. Its technology is a new crushing engineering technology developed in recent years along with modern high technology and new materials industry. It has become the most important industrial mineral and other raw materials. One of the deep processing technologies is of great significance to the development of modern high-tech industries. However, at present, there is still a certain gap between our domestic micro-grinding and foreign relatives. Therefore, the future development direction of micro-grinding is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

It is necessary to improve the existing SCM Ultrafine Mill structure, improve the crushing ability of the micro-grinding to medium-hard ore and the convenience of equipment maintenance, and mainly focus on the improvement of the plate hammer and rotor structure to facilitate the replacement and loading of the hammer; the counter-attack Structural optimization of the (broken cavity shape) improves the primary crushing rate and energy utilization of the ore. Research and development of new plate hammer materials with high wear resistance and high toughness to improve the service life of the plate hammer and improve productivity.

The application of modern mechatronics technology and modern control methods (such as hydraulic technology, electronic technology), continuously improve the automation of micro-grinding, reduce the labor intensity of workers and increase productivity. For example, the application of modern computer-aided design optimizes the structural parameters of the counter-attack frame to improve the energy utilization rate and the primary crushing rate of the ore. In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, ultrafine mill is being serialized and standardized.

Adhere to technological innovation and gradually get rid of the single introduction and imitation of products. The ultra-fine grinding powder produced by our company has the advantages of small floor space, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient maintenance, environmental protection and cleanliness, high reliability, etc., and is highly praised by users. After the ore materials are ground, they are applied in many industrial fields. For example, calcite, dolomite, limestone, mica stone and other ore are used in the industrial application. There is a lot of knowledge about the application of grinding ore materials after grinding.

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