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Čec 06

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Emerald is a birth stone may, it seems to have born with luxury and noble@leix.su

Emerald is a birth stone may, it seems to have born with luxury and noble. Have a emeralds, may not be the dream of all women, but it can make every woman has won a distinctive graceful charm. From Britain’s queen Elizabeth ii to princess Diana, from Elizabeth Taylor to Angelina jolie again, whether the royal or Hollywood actress, they are popular in the emerald. May emerald is a gem of for most people, however, because of the influence of age icon and inheritance, let it send out not only the charm of gems, but contains a fashion of.
One, the ancient origins
Emerald gets its name from the Real 18k Gold Fake Van Cleef Arpels Ring UK Greek word “smaragdos”, ancient French “Esmeralde”, translated as “green stone”. The first emerald mine that can be found in Egypt, at least can be traced back to 330 BC. Cleopatra was Cleopatra favours the emerald, her mine is also one of the oldest source of emeralds.
Second, the origin of scarce
Emerald in production in the world is rare, according to statistics, every 1 million beryl minerals in just one is emerald, it is the green gem from best one over ten thousand miracle, so the emerald is a representative of the green gemstones, but also in the mineral treasures. Jeweler currently recognized as the most beautiful emerald from Colombia, before that, and Zambia in Africa and Brazil, India, Afghanistan, Russia, Pakistan, Burma, producing area, price usually can’t compare with Colombia origin. Compared with ruby, sapphire, the emerald grow more complex geological conditions, more special, red, sapphire, less output, price is more expensive than the red, sapphire.
Three, classic and the investment of the
When it comes to emerald collection and investment, it is important to note that the color of the emerald, clean degree, carat size, etc. Color green value higher and higher, more light is relatively more cheap. Emerald of choose and buy, it’s hard to pick to internal clean and pure, natural inclusions almost naked eye can see. As to the number of carat size, 1 carat largest number below; 1-4 carat is average, the self-used type, suitable for wear at ordinary times; 5-19 carat is rare, could be investment; More than 20 carat is very rare, but investment and collection.
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Four, “positive energy” gem
Emerald stone symbolizes strength, hope and happiness, green transparent clear color is a lot of jewellery charged with reason to have a special liking to it. Emerald since it was discovered that has been seen as a spirits have magic power, people will emerald as a talisman, amulet or religious decorations, believe to wear it can resist predators. The middle ages, all sorts of relevant records of the jewelry, emerald is a gem for the treatment of strength is very Solid 18k Gold Replica Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra Ring strong. Emerald is stone of inspiration, has great oneness, gem is sure existence value, at the same time can also be negative sexual energy into positive performance of the human body.
Five, the stone of love
Emerald also known as “jewel” of the love of the success, can bring happiness to the family and loyal, also a symbol of 55 years turquoise marriage. Emerald is a symbol of holy marriage and strong love, it can open the heart chakra, stable emotion, strengthen cohesion, bring infinite patience and selfless love. Emerald is a balance of the three aspects of material, emotional and spiritual ability, let people who love each other can more dependent match. It is considered to be Venus jewel, so young people think it is the magic of the beloved faithful reminders.
Six, emerald is not green tourmalines
Emerald, commonly known as the emerald, but green gems and green tourmaline, green garnet and grossular, etc. Green tourmalines in history for a long time is Knockoff Van Cleef Arpels Butterfly Ring treated as emerald and development and utilization, until the characteristics of tourmaline is found, with emerald green tourmalines were separated. Green tourmaline on the color of it mainly has two kinds: one kind is color dark green tourmalines, another is yellow green tourmalines. The two green tourmalines as close to emerald color is dark green tourmalines. In deep green, emerald color general or show with blue and green. Between these two kinds of dark green gem has a lot of similarities but more green, emerald green tourmalines color relatively light feeling more alive, and emeralds are generally not emerald type cutting, and green tourmalines cutting shape is varied.
Seven, emerald cut
Emerald cut method from the structure of the emerald, emerald is one of the hardest stones to cutting, cutting direction the nuances of present big discrepancy will make the final product. Emerald cut into ladder type (also known as the emerald type), is also cutting the first selection of emeralds. Because of the cutting method can thoroughly reflected completely the luster of the gem, now also become one of the most common in diamond cutting technology, emerald Van Cleef Between The Finger Ring Outlet diamond cutting ring is one of the choice of most women in love.

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