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Čec 09

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Do the Raptors believe they can nba2k reddit

Do the Raptors believe they can beat the Bucks?” he asked, as the Raps clanged another jumper (I assume).It was a difficult question to answer, coming as we watched Toronto’s squad get ripped apart in their every effort (or lack thereof) the nba2k reddit entire night.

The Raptors started slow (a 19-4 Bucks run closed the 1st quarter), couldn’t shoot (34 percent from the field), couldn’t stop anybody (Bucks shot 53 percent for the game), couldn’t find a lineup that worked, couldn’t finish at the rim, couldn’t hit threes (27%!), couldn’t hold onto the ball (15 turnovers), couldn’t meaningfully pass the ball (11 assists, to Milwaukee’s 29) — am I missing anything?

The result felt like more than a loss. It felt like the kind of game that could have a jovial TV personality questioning whether there would even be Raptors games to watch past Monday. Things got dark.A record of the Raptors’ problems has to start at the top.

This was DeMar DeRozan’s worst showing of the season: eight points on 0-of-8 shooting, 2 rebounds, zero assists. There’s no way to sugar-coat it, DeMar was still in Toronto for this game. Whatever mojo he had working the previous contests, it was gone here. There’s no real explanation for it — we know he can, and will, take and make the shots he wants — there Buy NBA 2K19 MT Coins was just no urgency from him tonight.

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