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Rectangular appearance of the Rolex Prince distinguished series of watches@mimo.su

Rolex Chelini series, Rolex is the only one can be regarded as a watch watch series, but also the only Rolex used through the bottom of the design of the table, and other Rolex models of the difference can be seen in general, Celini series named Italian Renaissance Artist, Goldsmith and the Vatican Sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, this name reflects the elegance of this series of exquisite timics classic elegance. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring the series of Chellini comb.
Chelini series belongs to the Rolex in the Replica Cartier Lover Bracelet alternative, is the most like the Rolex’s Rolex, and its simple and elegant, elegant and noble, so that those who Rolex called the upstart in the name of the laurel can not find any criticism of the excuse. Rolex Chelini Prince watch in 1928 have launched to precision timing technology in the history of the clock to win the prince’s prominent position. Rectangular appearance of the Rolex Prince distinguished series of watches, with excellent movement performance, in the contemporary watch almost no comparable. In order to highlight the prince-style extraordinary, Rolex also specially designed for the series of different time display, the clock, the needle in the adjustment side of the shaft, the second hand on the other side of the design, and therefore won the patent, the prince Type watch to the late 40’s discontinued.
Chelini Rolex prince with a long 45 mm wide and 29 mm rectangular case, with 18ct gold, white gold or eternal rose gold casting, a total of five design. Style: Champagne “clou de Paris” Paris decorated nail pattern, silver “godron circulaire” rounded surface, diamonds silver “godron circulaire” rounded surface, black silver double color “rayon flamméde la gloire” Or black pink “rayon flammé de la gloire” radiation pattern surface. According to different watches, prince type with black or brown crocodile leather strap, and match the case with each other embraced 18ct gold butterfly strap buckle.
Rolex Celian series watch officially released in 1968, Chelini CESTELLO watch, with a classic round dial, the activities of the ear design for the watch Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet a lot of color, Cestello watch named after the San Frediano Church in Italy , For those looking for elegant, classical and good for the people, this is an ideal choice. Chelini series is Rolex all Oyster watch series outside the table, in 2014, Rolex launched the new Celini watch, although it seems to use the “Oyster” design, but only 50 mm waterproof, It can be said that in fact the new Chelini did not use Rolex pure Oyster design.
Danaos series watch with a stylish design of the perfect luxury watch, dial to create a dazzling effect, full of fashion. And, with sapphire crystal table mirror, equipped with unparalleled manual winding movement. Watch is divided into platinum and rose gold watch models, with brown leather strap and black mother of pearl dial.
Cellinium is one of the most elegant round watch in the Rolex Chelini family. Polished round bright, 18K platinum material case to wear comfortable, there is a certain amount of watch size is slightly smaller, 35 mm table diameter, like a small table diameter and elegant style for the non-resistant friends, this is definitely Preferred one.
2014 launch of the new Celini watch can be said to be a change, Chelini Time with four watches: black or white paint surface, with 18ct white gold or eternal rose gold 39 mm case. And this watch is equipped with a stitching crocodile leather strap, according to models with bright black or brown style, each with the case of metal phase contrast 18ct gold buckle.
Chelini Date added a calendar function on the secondary dial pointer. Chelini date with four decorated with “Rayon flammé de la gloire” radiation pattern of black or silver surface, with 18ct white gold or eternal rose gold 39 mm case. This watch is equipped with a stitching crocodile leather strap, according to model with bright Cheap Trinity de Cartier Bracelet black or brown style, each with the case metal phase contrast 18ct gold buckle.
Cellini Dual Time can also display dual time zone watches, and in the second sub-panel windows equipped with elegant sun and moon show day and night. Chelini dual time with four watches: decorated with “Rayon flammé de la gloire” radiation pattern of black or silver surface, with 18ct white gold or eternal rose gold 39 mm case. This watch is equipped with stitching crocodile leather strap, according to models with bright black or brown style, each with the case of metal phase contrast 18ct gold buckle.
In 2015 the Basel International Watch Fair, Rolex has launched the Cherini Cellini Time watch diamond section, double outer ring style by a circle of diamond-studded outer ring and the classic triangular pit outer ring composition. Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time have not yet introduced the diamond, do not know in 2016 Basel International Watch Fair will not be launched.
Summary: Rolex Chelini series of watches can be said to be the perfect Rolex to do a series of watches, this series is designed for people who have artistic talent to build, but also the history of the first access to precision timekeeping certified mass production series Watch. The new Chelini series of watches also use the same design, a little Oyster-style case of taste.
a series of senior jewelry watch she and other watches have a very different design

It seems that because the watch was derived from the women’s waist and necklace, it is doomed to women’s watches and senior jewelry “indissoluble”. When the watchmakers have the best time to count the wrist of the matter, the table to make the table look like, the count was Qiaotongchangyun, the mysterious time meter hidden in the ladies senior jewelry, so that senior watch and senior Jewelry “hard to be hard to distinguish”, but also to love the senior jewelry and watch the woman on its “hard to be difficult.”
Piaget’s new Secrets & Lights-A Mythical Journey by Piaget series of high-level jewelry and high-level watch inspired by the Silk Road on two important Knockoff Amulette de Cartier Bracelet cities – the ancient city of Samarkand and Italy Water City Venice, this PIAGET LIMELIGHT Mysterious necklace of the creative inspiration from the Samaritan palace architectural totem, the count of the master of the 18K rose gold hollow carving process show star geometric patterns, the ancient totem pattern into a very modern beauty of simple, The whole necklace exquisite diamonds, gorgeous shine. Larger “effort” is hidden in the 18K rose gold necklace at the bottom of the mysterious timepieces, the same geometric shape and the whole necklace integration, so that the wearer to read the time to enjoy the infinite mysterious fun. White mother of pearl dial, configuration Piagetable system 56P movement, unique style, No. G0A40618.
This Piaget PIAGET LIMELIGHT mysterious watch and Piaget PIAGET LIMELIGHT mysterious necklace list echoes. One is the neck art, one is the wrist masterpiece, one will hide the case in the necklace, one will hide the dial under the double case. The same is the design and design of the star geometric patterns of the Samarjah court building, full of modernity and mystery. 18K rose gold case, case diameter 30 mm, inlaid 449 round diamonds (about 2.3 karats). Mother of pearl dial, table cover with white mother of pearl and palace-style totem star on the bottom cover printed with Mythical Journey logo. Piagetable system 57P movement, hand-carved rose gold chain. Limited to 18, engraved with independent number G0A40616.
Earl of this extraordinary necklace creative more unique, hidden case of the mysterious pendant can not only show in the outside can also be hidden inside, while the mysterious pendant can also adjust the length. Necklace modeling inspiration from the Venetian architecture, but also a play of the mysterious jewelry table, wear it to play a most advanced mysterious game.
18K white gold, inlaid round diamonds and rectangular diamonds, white mother of pearl dial, Piagetable system 56P movement, unique style, number G0A40612.
This PIAGET LIMELIGHT mystery necklace is a fantastic masterpiece. Mysterious case hidden in the high-level jewelry pendant, the clock function can be hidden, but also explicit. Black onyx and 18K white gold inlaid diamond necklace in sharp contrast to the black and white, luxurious but simple. 18K white gold inlaid round diamonds and rectangular diamonds, black agate dial, Piagetable system 56P movement, unique style, number G0A40591.
This can be called a bracelet can also be called the table of the Secrets of Venice series of jewelry table, inspired by the water city of Venice sigh bridge, hollow platinum inlaid diamond pattern vivid reproduction sigh bridge closed window. 18K white gold case, inlaid round diamonds, bottom cover printed with Mythical Journey replica cartier bracelet logo. Piagetable system 56P movement limited edition 3, engraved with independent number G0A40578.
Since the watch from the women’s necklaces and belts on the liberation, the table seems to rely on its practicality and functionality to become the wrist on the pet. But for women, the practicality of the table may not be more important than the aesthetic, of course, this is not to deny the practicality and functionality of female timepieces, because the aesthetic and practical for women is never a paradox, the key is, Who is the woman always want more? Who told the woman is always willing to meet it!
“Jaeger-LeCoultre” for the dating series of special production of large-scale advertising all the rage, so that the birth of this new series in 2012 fame, the commercials of the actress for the German famous model and actor Diane Kruger. Jaeger-LeCoultre wants to set up a female watch series, and her self-confidence, elegant and yet noble posture, it is the product family want to express the characteristics of women’s timepieces. This year’s Watches & Wonders, the watch, has released a mysterious watch (Q3553307) designed to explain the beauty of women’s moments through a rare craft (Métiers Rares®).
The dating series is a product line designed specifically for women, although the main source of inspiration is Art Deco, but Jane K, the art director of the product family, says “life is always infinite”. Jaeger-LeCoultre series through the integration of unique technology, functions, cultural elements, natural tunes, women’s fashion style and other factors, has a wealth of timepieces products. This mysterious watch from the 2014 “Watches & Wonders” Ivy asked the mysterious watch since a masterpiece, the same ivy as a design theme, combined with the unique brand of rare craft (Métiers Rares ®), making it quite legendary.
Called it a mysterious watch, not it has an unknown special function or design, but because it adds a table cover. Earl, Cartier has a rich mysterious watch, most of the use of similar practices, the time hidden under the table cover, waiting for the elegant lady to explore. Watch size is only 24 mm, very typical of the middle of the last century female standard size, but also benefit from Jaeger-LeCoultre miniature technology, fake cartier nail bracelet in order to be different sizes of diamonds inlaid one by one.
Open the watch cover, the inside for the elegant, natural and charming dial. In the pearl mother of pearl  material on the disk, Jaeger-LeCoultre hand-painted and engraved with the way, the ivy pattern depicts the lifelike, meandering curve, natural flow, exquisite have caused. Fancy pointers and Arabic numerals are complementary to each other, showing a beautiful time picture.
Although the watch uses a variety of different shapes of diamonds, which for the mosaic is bound to increase the difficulty. As the watch case thickness, space constraints, as well as involving so many diamonds inlay, the use of card inlay, package, etc. is clearly inappropriate, claw is the most easy way to achieve.
Platinum case with diamonds, has long been dazzling fans and dumped. Crown is in the secret method of the auxiliary, designed for the diamond surface. In addition, the case is not diamond-studded side, deliberately carved the evergreen leaves texture, echoed with the disk.
The whole watch, used a total of about 304 diamonds, a total of about 11.9 karats, many of them have a large diamond and oval drill, and therefore only the value of diamonds, it has enough people breath.
And now the most common metal chain is the most different, this mysterious watch the use of the last century 60’s very popular double-row metal diamond bracelet, in today’s collection market, cheap cartier trinity bracelet we can often see the female table of this unique design The Although it is very delicate, and in contact with a number of such bracelet, but also people can not help but hesitate, because it can not intercept and increase the bracelet, so buy it needs the right time, your wrist weeks and she can match.
Summary: As a series of senior jewelry watch, she and other watches have a very different design, it is because most of the inspiration from the last century 60’s Art Deco women’s jewelry table. In addition, the watch within the winding 846/1 mechanical movement, which is Jaeger-LeCoultre micro-mechanical technology excellence, is widely used in small women’s watches. Overall, this watch is the most out of color, in addition to her again presented the last century, senior women’s table style, the most important thing is that she showed the plot of rare craft skills level.

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