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Čec 27

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Our defending was done with the ball

Our defending was done with the ball. We had to keep long periods of possession and in order to do that we played Bitton at the back. I hear and I read and I see the guy getting absolutely killed, which I find unbelievable. It is a Maplestory 2 Mesos midfield player playing at the back

People are talking about a £30m risk — we might not be here for £30m if it wasn’t for him. No one talked about when he stepped in and made the pass to Leigh Griffiths for the goal.’ Celtic were without first-choice defender Dedryck Boyata for the tie in KazakhstanRodgers also pointed to Bitton playing through the pain barrier for Celtic as they made the group-stage draw, securing meetings with Bayern Munich.

Paris Saint-Germain and Anderlecht.‘After (last weekend’s Premiership match at) Kilmarnock he was in a (protective) boot for two days,’ the Parkhead boss continued.

He travelled with a boot and took it off just before he went into the training session the cheap Maple Story Mesos night before the game. He was suffering. His leg was sore. But he put himself out there for the team and he did the best he possibly could in that situation and over the course of the qualification.

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