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These are merely some of the very noticeable change

These are merely some of the very noticeable changes. Players are fortnite items reporting smaller alterations all around the map, all of which impact the game visually without messing up any of the gameplay.

It is likely that Epic is doing a gradual build-up for something big in the end of the season. The map hides too many unexplained keys for Epic to just let those details go to waste. But right now, I do not care what it all „means.“ It feels cool to load up my favorite game and know that something will differ. Fortnite may only have a single island, but the map is not static. It is continually changing with me. It seems rewarding to see it all happen in real-time, since I understand that anybody who performs subsequently will not get to find out what I did. In addition, it is cool to feel like the multiplayer does possess a „story,“ albeit a very understated one. These are not things that I normally experience inside a competitive multiplayer match.

Epic is sensible to keep the spirit of this comet moving, and they don’t even need to keep destroying the map to pull off it.

Battle Royale‘ Could Be Receiving a Competitive Mode Soon

Fair warning: datamined documents are sometimes reliable indicators of what’s coming into a match, such as when we get to see that the Fortnite challenges a couple of days earlier or when the skins turn it into the game week or so before they actually hit the store. If there’s a full size skin from the game, by way of instance, you can bet it is actually coming. Occasionally datamined documents are somewhat less reliable, and we are talking about the latter right now. Recent sleuthing has fortnite items for sale uncovered a new folder attached to the limited time manners with „comp“ from the name, and many are taking this to mean that Fortnite: Battle Royale is getting a competitive mode. It’s not the craziest idea.

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