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Have been telling stories in the series for so long

With the recent launch of „Pieces of Hate,“ the long-running MMO Runescape ends up a pursuit line that’s lasted for 13 decades. In 2005, Runescape began the Pirates series of quests with „Rum Deal.“ Pirates is the story of the villainous, tentacle-armed Rabid Jack laying siege to the pirate base of Mos Le’Harmless, whose rum has also been spiked with a zombifying agent. „It is your average Lovecraftian pirate comedy,“ David Osborne, Runescape lead writer, told Kotaku finished email. „Pieces of Hate“ is the last quest in the Pirates series, which the development RuneScape gold team has been operating bit by bit for more than ten years.


The pursuit line got new quests every couple of decades. Prior to „Pieces of Hate,“ the most recent pursuit was 2011’s „A Clockwork Syringe.“ As part of the March 19th upgrade, developer Jagex released „Pieces of Hate,“ giving gamers their final confrontation with Rabbid Jack to conserve the pirates of Mos Le’Harmless. „While we would love to say that we’ve proposed the show to last 13 years, we would be lying!“ Osborne explained. „We’ve been telling stories in the series for so long as we could eliminate it, and our players have strangely let’s“.


Players have appreciated the long-running quest collection. „My favorite parts have just been the tone and humor–creepy sea established horror combined with some very silly things,“ said a Runescape participant named Maridiem over Reddit private messages. He’s been playing the sport for ten years. Long term players like him are used to Runescape quest lines taking a very long time to complete. The Elven pursuit took 12 years to finish, he explained, and there is still one continuing exploration, the Desert series, which started in 2005.


„While it is not unusual for a series to go on for awhile, it’s really lovely to find a different ‚finale‘ of sorts,“ he said. „Five different designers have written quests in this series, and each has tried to one-up the other,“ Osborne said. „That is the key to the show‘ longevity, but it is also the feel we need from it progressively overblown, farcical epics with adventure and humour in equal measure.“ The development team and the players alike were fond of the Pirates series‘ comedy. „[Players are] still discovering jokes that we’ve concealed,“ Osborne stated.


„One of those characters was known as 50% Luke, for instance, because he’s had so many injuries that he’s half-wooden. Well, a explosion causes balls of their timber to come off, so he’s become 66.6% Recurring Luke.“ Even though „Pieces of Hate“ is the finale for the Pirates series, Osborne is not so sure the story is finished. „I think [the development group] are fully aware that the Pirates series will not really be over,“ he said, „and some ridiculous contrivance will lead to everything to kick again.“ According to Maridiem, there are some hints that it might continue.


Jagex is presently transitioning the game from the „5th age“ into the „6th age“ The 5th era was the „Age of Man,“ where gods could not directly influence the world. In the 6th age, gods possess a whole lot more direct effect–and it just so happens that there was a Lovecraftian god in the Pirates quest series who’d been attempting to affect events. „It wrapped up the most important story and all,“ Maridiem said, „but intentionally left a lot open for stories.“ Therefore, if you are a fan of the Pirates quests, then not worry–you will probably see them in another 13 decades.

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